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  1. Anyone with access to the video, go to 2:46:47 to see LL #73 purposely go under the facemask of T #7 and rip the helmet off. And at :51.47 for the crazy late hit on the T QB. Yes sir T was the problem in this game (which is true if the problem is being the better coached, better prepared, better disciplined football team.) LL should be so proud. Roll Tide.
  2. FC's only two losses have been to good teams, and one of them was very early on. BG had better not be looking ahead. If T weren't playing tonight I would be at FC cheering on the Purples!
  3. And Go Rocks. (If there is an upset in the making at PJCS this weekend I hope it is tomorrow.)
  4. Did X have a transfer from Manual ruled eligible a couple of weeks ago? I honestly don't know if it was just blah, blah from one of my T friends or if it is true. If true does he play?, and if a vicious rumor then that would be nice to know also.
  5. Or, looked at another way, both defenses combined to give up over 1000 yards.
  6. How are there no posts on this?! Was X that dominant? Did H struggle? If they play 10 times does X win 7 of them? How in the world does H kick the PAT to stay down by 17 with just 7 min left in the game? So many questions. And congrats to X!
  7. Um... Rondale Moore is very fast and very good.
  8. 14-13 Bal ran the kickoff back and missed the PAT
  9. Can't believe X is more than a 3:2 favorite in the voting. I thought this poll would be darn close to 50/50.
  10. I don't think T will post a shutout. I will go with 38-7. I just hope it is a clean, injury-free game.
  11. Also, to be as honest as I can about the stadium: Top couple of rows on the visitors side are fine, as there are only about 6 rows of seating. However, the home side is huge and if you are there early you should be able to grab a good seat. Those left in SRO will have to be outside the running track, but again there is plenty of room. And wherever you are you have a much better seat than 75% the seats at UK or UL for 1/10 of the price!
  12. I am a T fan, but IMO there are only 4 teams in the state that are capable on their best day of beating T (and one of them is in 5A). Since two of them are playing each other Friday I would say it is state championship caliber. For the record I picked X. If T & X do end up meeting and PJCS is not available, that will be some serious Black Friday traffic in St. Matthews.
  13. He was onside when the ball was played and still in an onside position for at least half of the flight of the ball. CC defenders knew he was onside, I have zero doubt. But bad calls happen. This would have been a much bigger story (duh) had CC won it in PKs.
  14. I am taking Lafayette for the sole reason that they have shown each of the last two years at least an ability to get the goose egg off the board when playing T. :sssh:
  15. That should work. I just think people entering the gate at 7:00 will find it tough to get a seat on the home side (especially if this mild weather holds!)
  16. I am sure they will sell at the gate, but this will be SRO if you don't get there darn early. And parking will be a bear. Also, the best view is midway up the home side of the stands. The caliber of this game is that of a state championship.
  17. You are 49,000 watts off, but other than that I agree. X is trending positive.
  18. The NH keeper kept them in it early and CC did a great job defending #3 for NH all night. In the end CC just too much for NH. Final match with Daviess should be a good one.
  19. Daviess the better team, no question. They also had the better crowd (even though the game was in Dunbar's home city). #8 for Daviess was the best player on the field. #18 for Dunbar should have been carded a couple of times late in the game.
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