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  1. Very nice. 38 points is a lot to put up in a frosh game, especially against a quality opponent.
  2. X would probably average going 3-3 in that stretch, and would have a much better chance of being 5-1 than they would have of being 0-6. No way they lose to Lafayette or Ryle, and history tells us that the NKY teams don't exactly have an easy time with the Tigers (or T or X or even Manual, Ballard, PRP, etc.) when the games count.
  3. So we are saying that if the first 6 weeks X's schedule was: @ Scott Co. SK @ Lafayette Trinity @ PJCS Male @ Ryle then X would be 0-6? I don't think so.
  4. In no way would an X victory surprise me here. In fact, I don't know if I give H more than a 55/45 edge.
  5. 2010 T played at BG with their 4th string QB I believe. It was Jackson Noe who was actually a WR in every other game that year. I think T only threw 8 passes, which may be the least of any game Beatty has ever coached at T. Having said that I am a huge BG fan and would LOVE to see them play again. I think T has been trying to make that happen. Footnote: Would like to see them play in basketball too!
  6. I think you mean Glaser was 7-14 against Beatty. I'm sure his overall record against T is a little better.
  7. 23-Time State Champion Trinity Shamrocks - (Louisville, KY) - powered by LeagueLineup.com
  8. LJ's technical foul almost lost the game for T. Rocks got outscored something like 20-5 after the technical foul (and is was LJ's 3rd personal foul early in the 2nd qtr) Thank goodness King and Schmitt stepped it up in OT. Also, the T freshman (Johnson) had 9 point in the 1st qtr I think and then I don't know if he took another shot.
  9. Totally agree that T had some classless cheers. Make no mistake about it, X had just as many, maybe more. Truthfully I was entertained by the student sections. Even when they crossed the line (X chanting "Where is Neuman?", T responding with "He's in jail") they didn't cross it too far. The chants were such that whoever lost would feel the sour grapes.
  10. The job description for the WKU athletic director position probably reads something like this: 1) Don't get a DUI 2) Don't date sorority girls 3) Keep Jeff Brohm Most everything else can be dealt with.
  11. I've been to 2 UK games, 1 UL game and 3 WKU games this season. I truly believe WKU is the best team in the state. Toppers go to 11-2 and crack the top 25.
  12. I don't disagree with any of that. UK has issues all the way around. I just don't think he is all that much better than everyone else around him.
  13. Never met the kid; I am sure he is a wonderful person. I've seen him play a number of times, both in HS and at UK. For about 5 years now I have thought he is a bit overrated, though he has shown flashes. But those who think he is LSU or Alabama worthy? Um, no. I would love to be proven wrong, but I do not see Sundays in his future.
  14. For LL to win they need to be +5 in the turnover department and score 2 special teams TDs.
  15. Count me as a T fan that thinks H is a top 25 team. But i understand the argument against. My grandfather played football for the Bulldogs, so I am 100% behind them. This is H's year.
  16. UL firmly establishes itself as the #2 team in the state.
  17. The only way H loses this game is if they beat themselves.
  18. Louisville folks sleep just fine knowing their 4th or 5th best team is better than anything NKY has to offer.
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