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  1. Another quick point...in football you can wait a couple of seconds to decide if you want to throw a flag or not. In baseball & basketball you don't have that luxury - you have to make a call immediately.
  2. Maybe the offense fumbled or snapped the ball over the punter's head...regardless, I think you unnecessarily offset the 2 sacks...if you want to try to score three points you should not get a free touchback on a missed attempt.
  3. Baseball is can be a bit easier in one respect...many times you know exactly where the play is going to occur (a force play at first or the ball being thrown to a base, runner is coming in, and you can really focus on the tag); in basketball you might have a three-on-two, and you don't know if the player with the ball will pass left, pass right, or keep it himself...you thus have to be ready for contact in three different areas, and it happens VERY quickly (while baseball plays often develop over the course of a few seconds.) I do agree that strike zones are a tough issue...Consistancy throughout a game (even if the zone itself is too high or too low) is the most important thing IMO.
  4. Regarding the missed field goal issue... Consider this scenario: Team "A" has the ball first and ten from team "B"s 12 yd line...team "B" records a sack at the 20...next two plays, 2 more sacks back to the 35...On 4th down team "A" can either run a play (but they would have to get inside the 20, not a good option), punt (could be returned, shanked, or go into the endzone - though there is a possibility that the punt could pin team "B" inside the 20), or try a field goal (might get 3 points; will DEFINITELY put "B" on their 20 if FG is missed)...this last option in effect negates the last two sacks by the defense. If "A" wants to go for three points and misses, then "B" should be rewarded for its defensive effort and their offense should get the ball at the 35. FYI, some may be interested in the "Officiating" thread in the basketball forum
  5. This thread came to mind while reading about rule changes on the Football Forum...What kind of grade would you give HS officials in your area? Let's stick with basketball, football, baseball (softball), and soccer. In Jefferson County for me: basketball: B+ (though the top ones are VERY good) football: B- baseball: C+ soccer: D Also, just a gut feeling, but it seems like there are some very good football officials out in the state that travel to Louisville for playoff games. Out-of-town basketball officials don't seem to be as good. Keep in mind that this is a big generalization and I certainly don't want this thread to insult/upset individual officials as I truly appreciate their work and dedication (I am not one who screams at them during games). I think everyone would agree, however, that some individuals and regions are simply better than others when it comes to officiating.
  6. Take successful programs, public or private (StX, Trinity, Danville, Highlands) and I'm willing to bet their players spend more time in the weight room, film room, practice field, etc. than do players from mediocre teams. For some reason proponents of prop 20 want to believe that coaching/work ethic is not a variable in the equation. I've seen I don't know how many H.S. football games where the team with the better athletes loses because of the above mentioned reasons.
  7. I have no facts and am in no way an expert, but I have heard that there are many more St Xavier graduates working at the Courier than there are grads from Trinity...Jody simply happens to cover high school sports...From his position he's probably danged if he does and danged if he doesn't...I think he does a fine, fair job.
  8. They simply didn't look very disciplined - they taunted/danced/celebrated more than is common for high school athletes. They had LOTS of individual talent, but nowhere near enough TEAM focus. (I did only see tham play against Trinity.)
  9. I was not there, but it sounds like BG simply never faced a QB and passing attack like Lexington Catholic threw at them.
  10. Why is StX a dynasty? According to my Trinity friends, the following are all true (please correct if this is wrong): in the past 30 years, Trinity has had two three-peats, StX no repeats; Trinity has had 3 undefeated seasons, StX zero; Trinity had a 50 game winning streak, StX's ended at 26... That being said, to take it a little beyond football, I respect the way the Trinity community carries itself - most teachers, fans, parents are very down-to-earth...in my mind they are a dynasty without the arrogance.
  11. As a future HS parent I heard Glaser speak to a group of jr high students and parents...though he hardly even talked about football (which surprised me), he took several opportunities to talk down Trinity, mostly dissmissing programs and facilities. (FYI, this was a predominately StX feeder school function) I've also heard Roger Burkman speak to parents about Trinity, and he never spoke ill of StX, even when audience questions invited him to do so. I honestly was turned off by Glaser's arrogance...My son will never play football for Trinity, but he'll be there rooting for them for the next four years. Congratulations Rocks on a special victory. Some footnotes: 1)to give credit where credit is due - Glaser sure can coach (I don't see how Trinity fans can dispute that) as he's proven over the last twenty years or so... 2) good no-call on Anderson picking up the ball (I saw it)...while technically a penalty the officials were right to not let it be a game changing call...also, I didn't see Anderson avoid shaking hands...I guess everyone else on StX did because it looked like every single player met at midfield immediately after the final horn. 3) whoever said X wins this game 8 out of 10 times...I think 6 of 10 is a more realistic assessment
  12. offense, defense, special teams... Trinity was just a little bit better in all areas...this doesn't sound like an upset...this sounds like a well prepared team winning a football game
  13. Good stuff from a small town Pat Forde wannabe writer...it's a shame he is so uninformed...T & X were on the same side of the bracket for many years...other schools in the state complained that it virtually guaranteed one of them would make the finals...Also how could this writer (who I assume has a college degree) think that St Henry's somehow doesn't play fair in CROSS COUNTRY? Of all the sports...That's it I'M CANCELLING MY SUBSCRIPTION TO THE DANVILLE PAPER! Oh wait, I didn't even know Danville had a paper.
  14. Only 2 of 8 privates made the finals in 2004...did Prop 20 NOT hold water last year?
  15. Small town press does get overwhelmed by the "big boys"...you can see it in places like UK football when a local western KY paper sends someone to cover the Cats' game...the small town reporters (usually younger) are in awe...
  16. As a Catholic who used to work for the Bowling Green School system (and who picked BG in the poll) I can say that a football purist should be looking forward to this game every bit as much as T vs. X
  17. Switch the StX coaches with those from JHardin or Manual and Glaser's staff wins - hands down...ditto with Beatty's staff and the one from Henry Clay...the athletes in the programs at Manual & Henry Clay are better (just barely) than T & X...just not as well coached...(in all fairness the JH staff executed a pretty solid game plan 2 weeks ago) a better post might be that half the coaches in the state couldn't get out of the region with the private school athletes
  18. Here's the difference between basketball & football: in basketball if you have just two superstars you can win 20 games no matter who is coaching the team...in football you can have 5 or 6 superstars (ie Manual & Henry Clay) and get beat by the team that is better coached & better prepared.
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