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  1. Louis Ryan Meadows Date of Birth: 07/21/1942 Date of Death: 12/03/2012 Louis Ryan Meadows of Dry Ridge, KY passed away December 3, 2012 at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Ft. Thomas, KY. He was born July 21, 1942 in English, KY. He was a 1960 graduate of the Carroll Co. High School in Carrollton, KY and a 1964 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. He taught High School Math until his retirement in 1994. Louis started the Kentucky Girls Basketball Network and wrote newsletters to keep the fans informed. He collected Elvis Records and enjoyed watching Westerns and old movies. Louis is survived by one brother, Marion Wayne Meadows and one sister, Priscilla Shipman, both of Madison, IN. He is also survived by several nieces, nephews, cousins, and one aunt. He was preceded in death by his parents and grandparents. There will be no visitation or services. Elliston-Stanley Funeral Home in Williamstown, KY is handling the final arrangements.
  2. Bill, My understanding is that Kentucky and Ohio's committee reps on rules committee has tried to get that one changed for years. The committee is one from each state, and many of them think that by having 15 and a loss of down, it makes it on par with defensive interference being 15 and an automatic first down. personally feel like it is like saying a large apple equals a large orange, but it has been a difficult rule to get changed according to committee members.
  3. I agree with Scott, but primarily because people keep adding extra letters to it ("County") Amazing how many people out of N KY make that mistake
  4. You lived up to your own quote. JC didn't HAVE to count anything. JC has CHOSEN to change the way they report data to the state. Be sure your facts are straight. The decision on how and whom to report was SOLELY the district choice.
  5. Mostly those that don't have a chinaman's chance of ever seeing one in their school trophy case.
  6. But they have to have five days in practice without pads. Then when they put on pads (on the 6th day), they then have to practice five days in pads before going against another school in a game or scrimmage of any type.
  7. It's my understanding that two years ago the KHSAA put this in their rules. I find it at http://www.khsaa.org/handbook/tournamentrules/fbtournamentrules.pdf on page 4 and 5 where it says item "G" for video standards. It used to be recommended, but at the request of the state coaches association and the Commissioner's Football Advisory Committee, it was made mandatory. There are penalties in place if its not complied with in postseason, for the regular season, most schools put adherence in their game contracts. Eliminates the days of "my dog ate the video" or the trade copy somehow being green and blue while the home copy was perfect. Hope this helps.
  8. There are times you can be technically correct, and still be wrong. This may have been one of those times. In NFHS, you cannot in any way make contact with the fielder making a play if the contact is made beyond the base. The penalty if that is determined, especially if in judgement of umpire, prevents double play, is awarding of double play. Technically supported, but gets back to the age old argument, when is a foul a foul.
  9. Sorry to correct you, but all levels have the same limit. 36 games, all must be complete before Saturday preceding district. After that point, only varsity can keep playing.
  10. It was read. But you have to understand. Each state is to ISSUE the interps for their states, but they all are to give the same answers, and it is to be based solely on the rules, not their personal opinions. There may be a local officials group that isn't getting the message or is being erroneously influenced. But the FB rules committee is one member from each state. And the only way the state loses their seat on the committee is to not go by the published playing rules, period. I don't think the voting members from those states (Mr. Zaborniak from Ohio or Mr. Gannaway from Illinois) would contradict those published rules and forfeit their seats and disallow their states from having a vote.
  11. Might want to check. All states (except Mass and Texas) use the same rule book and can't vary interpretations of basic rules. They can differ in mechanics, but not rules.
  12. They are in college, that creates a lot of HS confusion. Who can decipher pro rules.
  13. And sometimes, didn't have room for everyone. Oh yeah, that was low.
  14. But with a long-term obligation afterwards that some just don't want to make. It's a heck of a trade-off.
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