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  1. I think you have to say Beechwood because of their record the past 2 years but I see it being close with Dayton.
  2. Vocke and Staten - Beechwood, Travis Elliot - Ryle
  3. If Beechwood plays the way they did against Highlands they will win dominate this game. Beechwood-35 Holy Cross-21
  4. I have been out of the loop lately, but is Michael Robinson supposed to play this season at all?
  5. Oh thats good to hear because I had heard he pulled his hamstring again.
  6. We have already proved to everybody that Beechwood is not permitted to move up:madman:
  7. What is wrong with Cory Crane?
  8. Holmes lost Dominique Johnson who was a key player in their offense towards the end of their season. And I also think that if Highlands has a hot night and the Bulldogs are slacking then the birds will win.
  9. I dont know how you can argue that a team, that I cant even remember the last time they made the region, will be one of the top teams next year. And if both teams lost about 2 players and Beechwood coming off of a season winning the region, how is Bellevue better than Beechwood?:confused:
  10. I would have to ask the same question
  11. Beechwood will be loaded next year. I think they only graduated 2 or 3 players?
  12. :thumb: cant wait to see Leeke get back to playing.
  13. Wow this is the first I have heard of this. I hope he gets well soon.
  14. I think that you all are forgetting to mention how the Beechwood Freshman will turn out when they are seniors...
  15. Sounds like a well pitched game by Snyder. Congrats to Beechwood on sweeping CCH on the three big sports: Basketball, football, and now baseball.
  16. I was answering Ets Factor's question about who will pitch if AJ cant pitch.
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