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  1. I totally agree with that entire post. It was a memorable season for the Beechwood Tigers this season and this season will definatly be a yard stick for future Tiger teams. This years seniors should be proud of all the goals they accomplished and should not be ashamed for losing to a great Boone County team. It will be tough though to see such a talented group of seniors leave that program.
  2. How is Boone winning this game the 'right one'? I would love to see Boone's best player sit out 3/4 of the game like Romes did.
  3. Boone did a lot of pushing under the basket to get hard rebounds though and during their press they forearmed every time to keep their man in fornt of them.
  4. How could a senior captain not affect the outcome of the game? Romes it a key defender for the Tigers and is one of the main keys to their offense with his penetration. If he didn't get hurt the Tigers would be playing in the semis.
  5. The officiating was outrageous. And if Romes would have played the whole game the Tigers would have won.
  6. Boone vs Beechwood should be a good game.
  7. A college court will help Beechwood because they like to run so they can spread teams out and attack.
  8. I was waiting for someone to point that out but they have to play 14 conference games. So, 8 of their wins have come from Bigger schools like highlands, Conner, and the teams that played down in the Ashland tournament.
  9. So they are 22-5 as of last night with second best record in NKY and they aren't talented? Just wait till region when Beechwood will once AGAIN prove everybody wrong.
  10. Overall Holmes was just too big for BW which caused many rebounding problems for BW. I remember at the game JJ missed 3 or 4 layups in one possession and got all of his rebounds and put it back in on about the 4th or 5th try. But, Beechwood had a poor shooting night, and I hope they got this game out of their system so they will play well in region. Congrats to Holmes on the win.
  11. Are you serious? So basically just because they are a small school they are going to lose? Beechwood has beaten a handful of DI schools this season and will be a threat to anybody in the region.
  12. Beechwood has improved by leaps and bounds since the first game. From what I have seen and heard, Holmes has been playing under their potential lately and an upset could be possible but as you look at my post earlier I still have Holmes winning by 5.
  13. I just dont see how a team that wins by an average of 22 ppg, goes 28-0 in their conference and not get any awards?
  14. You never know. Beechwood has been turning a lot of heads this season and it wouldn't surprise me if Beechwood wins.
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