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  1. We have already established in a different thread that Beechwood is forced to play those school twice a year because they are in the DIII conference.:ohbrother:
  2. If Beechwood can execute, this game will come down to the fourth quarter. Beechwood will stick with Holmes all game and I think there will be a lot of scoring lead changes. Holmes-63 Beechwood-58
  3. Finally someone sees my point on arguing why Beechwood didn't win awards!
  4. Looks like a Beechwood vs Holmes matchup in the district finals.
  5. Is that picture of Maschinot when he missed the wide open layup?
  6. I thought someone said it was because Arnold had a forearm to someones throat
  7. How are there no Beechwood players getting the D3 awards when the didn't just beat their competition, they completely destroyed them by an average of 22 points per game. In my opinion the awards should have been as the following: POY- Blake Bryan or Beuttel Defensive player of the year- Romes Mr. Hustle- Nathan Snyder
  8. If im not mistaken those comments were from the very beginning of the season when everybody but Eta Roh was hating on them. Sorry, but you have been proven wrong in this thread.
  9. Not interested at all, Cov Cath just claims theirs to be the best.
  10. If was expected why didnt cov cath have a cheer back? :lol:
  11. The game was amazing but as far as student sections went, Beechwood's, "Just like football", was funny. CCH didn't have anything to cheer back. But Beuttel made it happen for the Tigers tonight, leading their comeback when down by 9. Also Romes had a nice dunk in the first quarter right in front of the CCH student section.
  12. Not to mention the last meeting CCH made some pretty 'lucky' 3 pointers with the under about 2 minutes left. The game was not as close as the score was. Beechwood-68 CCH-61
  13. Riley of Holmes and Beuttel of Beechwood are they best I have seen.
  14. It was the one of the worst refereed games I have ever watched. The refs were so inconsistent with their calls.
  15. Couldn't agree with you anymore on that. Beechwood fans are also going to miss Nieco Tiepel as their runningback too, where is he going to play in college?
  16. Where is Villa on that list? Is Villa even ranked in the region?
  17. Blake Bryan has only dominated against D3 schools. Last time he played Beechwood he was held to only 14 points. Does that tell you anything?
  18. Obviously you were not at the last BW vs Villa game. What has Blake done against a good team like Beechwood? Beechwood wins by 25+.
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