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  1. Congrats to the Tigers on a great season they just couldn't pull through at the end. Fangman is a heck of a player and I hope to see him play on the college level. Watching this game gave me hope for next season with all the talent that they will still have.
  2. Beechwood playing New Cath in the finals with the breds winning easily
  3. Huge win for the bulldogs since they will probably be the number 1 seed in the district now
  4. Its going to be interesting to see how the Tigers recover from this loss
  5. Not all of the colonels crazies will be there because somehow this game always seems to end up as the same day as Cov Caths Silverbells dance :sssh:
  6. Big win for the colonels this team is starting to look like the team to beat in the 9th IMO
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