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  1. How does he compare to Vocke at Beechwood?
  2. Holmes always steps it up come tournament time.
  3. Almost every year most people say that Beechwood will have a sub par year and look at their success. But why does it even matter how many games Myerhoff gets thrown out of?
  4. No one even made the slightest hint that any of the Beechwood players are angels.
  5. Fangman has been really proving himself the past couple of games but I think it will be tough with Kyle Daniels being out still because of the ankle. Ill take Beechwood by 12.
  6. I heard that Smiths younger brother Taylor has improved a lot over the offseason. So he could work his way into the pitching rotation.
  7. Really what is wrong with Trammel? If he doesnt play then I think the Tigers will win this game then.
  8. They have already told Coach Rash that they are playing next year.:thumb:
  9. I would say with all of the sophomores getting all that experience this year at Beechwood and having Cory Crane and Zach Larimore back on the field for next year will make make Beechwood at the top of 1A.
  10. A win is a win but any time you give up 64 points to a team like Heritage is not good for the Tigers.
  11. Yes I agree, that is the one thing I noticed last night that they were only 7 players deep. But last year they were mainly 6 players deep and made it to region...
  12. This game definitely surprised me and I thought the Tigers played well. I think the Tigers will surprise some teams this season.
  13. I dont know how much of a factor Prewitt will be but I think Vocke should get some reps at point guard. Also if Kyle 'Meat' Daniels and Corey Cruse will rebound this season I dont see any reason not to have the Tigers coming out on top in D3 since the Tigers should have a decent back court.
  14. We will see what happens this season :popcorn:
  15. Im pretty sure we hear this every year Bellevue hires a new coach about how they are just going to completely turn around the program and be able to compete with the D1 and D2 schools.
  16. Are you serious?:laugh: How do you expect Bellevue to compete for championships when they cant even hold a coach for more than 2 or 3 years?
  17. What is the height of the starters for Dayton?
  18. I agree. I think Kyle Daniels will be a huge factor for the Tigers this year in rebounding since they lost a lot of size.
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