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  1. 1 Estill Co 1 Scott Co 1 Warren central 1 John Hardin 1 Campbell Co 1 McCraken Co 1 Cov Cath 1 Fern Creek 2 Scott Co 2 Warren Central 2 Campbell Co 2 Cov Cath 3 Scott Co 3 Campbell Co 5 Scott Co Tiebreaker 127
  2. Looks like LaRue Co and John Hardin in the finals. With the winner of Adair and Central Hardin having the next best shot
  3. 1 Pulaski 1 Bowling Green 1 Harlan Co 1 Pikeville 1 Collins 1 Cooper 1 Ballard 1 Fern Creek 2 Bowling Green 2 Harlan Co 2 Cooper 2 Fern Creek 3 Bowling Green 3 Cooper 5 Bowling Green TB 119
  4. Taylor Co played the toughest schedule in the region this year, and I think it paid off. Adair Co had a much weaker schedule. I think both coaches inherited their schedule. North Hardin always plays a tough schedule also and was on a heck of a run before the wheels came off with players being suspended.
  5. The loser of the 20th district finals, Adair Co or Taylor Co has beaten North Hardin this year.
  6. But in football if you are the choosen two, you only have to win one game! In basketball u have to win 5!
  7. Hard to say! March madness is harder to win than the BCS Championship game. But it is harder to get an invite to the Football championship. Basketball you compete against everyone, where in football most teams are not in the running. I am going to say basketball, but it really depends on who your team is.
  8. Ohio St made it to the sweet16 and Kansas to the elite 8. Before the tournment Jayhawks were only 1 spot behind OSU and they made it further in the tournment.. Most voters are going to put the 2 teams in the championship game as #1 and two.
  9. No way UK is in the preseason top 15 next year, they will start 4 freshman next year!
  10. What Lamb and Miller do is the question for me, I think the others Jones, Knight, and Liggins are gone!
  11. Last years Ky team lost by around 15 points both games. This Ky Class (which has been much hyped) I dont see doing as good. Next year they might be an even bigger gap!
  12. I read he could go to Georgetown NAIA if he wanted, that is a real good program were he would play. I just have the feeling it would be a waste for him to go to UK. Coach Cal is about the 5 and 4 star sexy players. I know he is a good player, but havent seen him play a whole lot, I would compare him to Travis Johnston Grayson Co only Jared is taller. Some people like him better than his fellow 12 region Arron Watts, I personally like Watts and wondering where he is going to go to school at?
  13. Knipp got the 3rd most votes that kind of suprized me a bit, he got more votes than the Cov-Holmes or Scott Co players. The kid can score!
  14. I dont think this is an up year for Kentucky, no players ranked nationally, and no major D1, only a handful of mid-majors.
  15. I just dont see this class being as strong as some of you all are saying. I think Indiana has a even bigger advantage this year than last, and it would be a big upset if we can win one of the games. Indiana will have a hand full of Major D-1 players, Ky proabley doesnt have a player ranked in the top 200! Hope I am wrong.
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