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  1. Monday at 4:00 PM is supposed to be the new date
  2. Beechwood will be very young next year like they were this year. With Taylor Cox graduating, I see the starting 5 being as follows: 1.Erica Meyer, 2. Alexis Feltner, 3. Ellie Ogle, 4.Abby Beauseuir(SP), 5. Bri McCarthy
  3. Could this be the first sport this year that Cov Cath beats Beechwood in this year?
  4. It doesn't sound like you have ever seen SMith throw if you say he only throws mid 80s.
  5. Crane if he plays will add some good point guard play but as for the center position, I think it is up in the air for what happens to Cruse this offseason.
  6. Sounds like a nice comeback by the Tigers.
  7. Your best guess would be Joe Colosimo with Cory Crane getting some touches.
  8. Beechwood will be small next year but will Corey Cruse be the starting center next year, because I dont see who else would.
  9. Is Cory Crane from Beechwood playing next year?
  10. How will they compete with Beechwood, if these transfers do play?
  11. Beechwood is going to be very small next year in terms of length and size. But they are going to be young and some of the upcoming sophomores will probably see a lot of playing time like Staten. They are going to be fast on defense but I dont know who will be their starting line. Adams? Maricle? Genal? Jackson?
  12. Hazard is going to be the team to beat
  13. Greatest state championship game I have ever watched!
  14. Most probably predicted Holmes to win but not by a margin that small
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