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    He went from a Second Street Cub, To a Frankfort High Panther, to a Kentucky WILDCAT!! Good Luck EJ Fields.
  1. All time record is 11(Beechwood) 8(Frankfort) 6(Ties) Joking, I dont know
  2. :popcorn::popcorn::clap::isurrender::isurrender::lol::laugh::laugh::ylsuper::ylsuper::sssh::sssh::notworthy::notworthy: "Get 'em Panthers...We got 'em!" :deadhorse::deadhorse:
  3. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn: or should i say... :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  4. I'm putting down my prediction, Frankfort 34 WV 20
  5. Did a strength of schedule comparison, is shocked to see WV only beat Gallitan by 1 point in opening game, but it is opening week, things don't really shape up until around week 4 or 5. I am interested in seeing this game, im guessing WV is a Northern KY team, as is Brossart, Dayton, Bellevue, Beechwood etc. Nothern KY teams have the will to come to your stadium and simply just pound it and throw linemen around. Frankfort was, IMO 2 inches away from the 3rd round last year taking a minor loss to Bellevue. I analyze a lot of stats and teams who play teams who play teams and who Frankfort has played and etc. With that being said....speed can't always win you games......Frankfort has defense and talent and more than just 2 or 3 leaders on the field and a great coaching staff, not taking anything away from WV but I think that Frankfort will win this one by 2 or 3 TD's. Good luck both teams. But Frankfort needs to not put their heads down and be looking forward to the Tigers next Friday, they need to take care of business this Friday and worry about this Friday only
  6. Interested in seeing this match up of Frankfort and WV..Frankfort loves new opponets.
  7. I second that CoachB " have lost 2 games this season. Would say they are about 5-6 plays from being undefeated. FHS has taken the sleeping dog approach this season. They lay on the front porch alseep until someone distrubs them. " Well put.........my gut feeling about this game is more intense than a preschooler starting 3rd grade for the 5th time. Exactly, FHS 26 DHS 21
  8. That's 5 Years straight undefeated in the district. Frankfort rolls big tonight, 60-8
  9. I predicted on the predictions thread: " Frankfort 35 Eminence 14 34-6. Pretty close!
  10. Panthers seemed to find a way to get to #6 (the quarterback) a lot tonight. Good defensive game #24.
  11. Kanter will not be playing for the Cats this year IMO, the over seas league can prove every statement and back it up 100%, if Coach Cal let's Kanter see the floor, he will go down as UK's downfall coach and we would be wishing for Gillespie to come back.
  12. Like I said, Franklin County can not compete with Holmes.
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