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Will the west win every 1A title?


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JMO! But I think we'll just have to play it out and see. Every year about 30 to 50% of all the fans on here say one team is going to win it all. And they give great reasons why! But it just doesn't happen.:idunno:

Seems we are all experts on football. Maybe we are in our own little corner of the state. But all of us seem to know everything about every team in the state. Last year 40% said Mayfield would win it all. Why not they were killing everyone. 40% said LCA would win and they did. 10% said Beechwood. 10% said others. And on and on. No one will know till it's all over year after year. But it's fun GUESSING!!!:popcorn:


So I'm going with Fulton City or County out of the west. Paris out of the east. Dayton out of the north. ect.

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