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    In the stands second guessing the coaches!! LOL
  1. This should be broken down. Large schools. Small schools. Sm. Mayfield, Danville ect------Lg. Trinity, Highlands ect.
  2. Remember you don't want to peak to early!
  3. Let them have what they want. Play them at GCHS. Makes it all the better to give them the world then spank them at their own place. Let them set the date, time, place or whatever. If we win it will make it all the better!! Doesn't matter if we play them at home or away. The only difference is our backs will be to the highway. We will have more fan support ect.
  4. Funny!! Wonder how many pm's were sent to you about this?
  5. Good luck to coach Mullins. Except of course that one week in the season when they play the RAMS.
  6. How many time have you heard a winning team complain about the refs!! I for one have cried about the refs after losing. But after calming down I set and think of the tons of mistakes we made or a shot here or there that could have won the game! Good post O R.
  7. Thought Lewis would win by 15. Boyd showed heart. Congrats to both teams! Lewis better be shooting at about 55+% to win the next one!
  8. No doubt the lions will win this one!! Sorry Boyd Co. but it will be the lions of Lewis Co who wins this one. I say around 15-20 points.
  9. This team if not this year is going to be trouble for anyone in the path of the devils for the next few years. Good luck to the devils the rest of the season.
  10. Now that Russell is healthy I have a feeling they may shake things up a little. I posted a couple weeks ago that they may do some damage in their district and 16th region. But most have threw them under the bus. Better watch out for this team They seam to play very very hard. Watch out Ashland, Rowan Co and others. Not saying they are the best. But when you get in these games emotions sometimes take over. And Russell in good enough to upset anyone in the 16th region. Believe me I'm not a big devil fan! But Kidwell gets the most out of his kids.
  11. I don't want a darkhorse or anything like that to represent our 16th region. No upsets. I want each game on the way to the region championship game to be close and exciting for the fans. But I want the best team to win each game! If Ashland is the best we have I'll be rooting for the cats. My RAMS arn't to good this year. And I doubt they make it very far. Now next year when we regroup and hopefully we have a better competitive team. I may rethink all this!! lol
  12. I hope every game comes down to the last play of the game. And it falls on the coaches to draw up that last second play. Great for the fans. And I hope the best teams win. That way we are rep. by the best of the 16th reg.
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