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BGP Fantasy Football League ~ New Member Select your Team


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Members will select teams in the following order:





Go Cats





Da champ





FairFan will go first and select his team. Once he selects his team and posts it here, then it will be Nkysportsblog’s to pick, and so on.

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You will be selecting from the teams listed below. The links to the rosters of those teams are located just below the conference name.


National Conference


Paintsville Pythons

Grayson County Swamptrash


American Conference


Cincinnati Spartan Warriors

Lagrange Lifers

Louisville Wildcats

Sawville Gym Shoes

Owensville Oilers

Middle Fork Mustard Seeds

Pikeville Red Dogs

Rabbit Hash Rowdies

Russell - Flatwoods Breakmen

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Be aware that you are taking over the team with the roster and draft position in tack. You will find the draft positions listed at this link.


You will select your keepers from this team. You are allowed to keep two players. You do not have to keep two, and can keep only one, or none if you so choose.


Each conference will have a separate draft. Each conference will have access to all the players in the NFL that are not already on a BGP FFL team.

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You new guys would probably be better off trying to join the American Conference first. It's more of a fun, beginners league. The National Conference, on the other hand, is loaded with some of the best FF players out there and is extremely tough. Choose wisely...



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This is probably one of the dumbest move in Fantasy Football History. I am passing up on some good teams in the American Conference. But GT called me out, and I like a challenge (so let's see how tough the NC really is). I chose to take over :fight: Paintsville Pythons :fight:

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Some questions from another rookie that someone can answer:


(1) Are they Playoffs for both 16 team leagues?


(2) The two leagues do not compete against each other?


(3) If you keep one or two players, where do they go on your roster? Example, if you keep P. Manning where does he go on your roster?


(4) Read where you are only allowed two QB,s and Defense but when I looked on rosters some had 4 QB's. In my other league many owners draft backup in case of Injury. Example, If you have M. Leinart are you not allowed to graft K. Warner as a backup?


Thanks for someone helping me, I may have more later.

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