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  1. Policies have changed at Male in the last few years, and they are no longer getting the cream of the crop athletes that they used to. The main reason Male has made it farther than Ballard in those years is basically because they haven't had to face one of the Big 2 until later on in the playoffs. The one knock on the Ballard job right now is that they have Trinity in their district. That may or may not change with the next re-alignment, as will Male's district and ultimately the route they have to take in the playoffs. Male is still a good job, but it is nowhere near the caliber of place it used to be and probably won't be that way ever again.
  2. I'm not so sure that Male is a better job than Ballard anymore.
  3. Word is they just locked up Ballard's Devante Parker as well. If so, HUGE get for Strong and company. Parker was attracting big-time national attention and to keep him in Louisville is very big for the new regime at UL.
  4. John Hardin has a very good defensive line, probably the best I have seen all year. When they go with their base defense and put 8 in the box, they are very tough to run on. I think they get in trouble when they go to their 3-4 nickel package, too vulnerable between the tackles with that look. I know Highlands has an excellent O-line but they will be challenged by that bunch from JH, really good looking kids up front. Speed wise, JH is VERY fast. The Savoy kid is about as quick as they come at the HS level and Wright is not too far behind. Their QB does what he needs to do, runs the Wing-T extremely well but doesn't "wow" you with his arm. Favorite target by far is his big TE, Simmons. Kid always seems to get lost in space when JH runs waggle. Overall, it's the ultimate test for JH, but I don't think Highlands is giving this squad enough credit. Well, I take that back, HHS fan's aren't giving them enough credit. Both teams will show up, you can count on that. JH will give up some points but they can light up the scoreboard as well, ton of athletes. Should be a heckuva ballgame, 14 points or less either way IMO.
  5. Your fan base, on the other hand, has been extremely humble throughout this thread...
  6. Well played. This year has been a disaster for me but the good news is I am in first place in my money league. All my efforts have been focused there, and as a result, my team in the BGP league is awful. I gotta say though, I'd much rather be in first place in a league with a $1500 payout and dead last in a free league than vice versa. :lol:
  7. So True. I'm 5-2 in both my money leagues however, so if one team had to be bad, I'm glad it's this one. The good thing is I play in a very weak division so I still have a chance at the playoffs. :sssh:
  8. :lol: I've gotta be honest, with being in two big, big money leagues this year, the BGP league has taken a back seat. The Legends still have no problem taking down the Thuggs, however.
  9. 7 Oldham County 5 KCD 3 Seneca 2 Central Hardin 1 N Bullitt TB Seneca
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