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Track the Reds (Week 8)

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Week One- LRCW- Reds 4-2


Week Two- Gametime- Reds 2-5


Week Three- Gametime- Reds 2-4


Week Four- HammerTime- Reds 3-4


Week Five- OrignalRookie- Reds 1-5


Week Six- LRCW- Reds 3-3


Week Seven- LRCW- Reds 6-0



When I start the thread, the Reds are 13-5, and that's against 3 first place teams, (Arizona, Florida, Chicago) and 2 2nd place teams, (Philadelpia, Cleveland) and 1 3rd place team (NY Mets). The rest of you are a combined 8-18. :scared: Let's keep this wagon rolling right along this week. :dancingpa:dancingpa

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