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  1. Kristina Karo has come forward to get her hand's on some of her former pal's millions by claiming that Mila was responsible for the emotional damage caused by the star's theft. Kristina maintains that during their first year at school (so when they were around about five years old), when they were both living in Ukraine , Mila was responsible for the disappearance of her beloved chicken, aptly named 'Doggie', who she was "inseparable" with. The heartbroken woman goes on to insist that the disappearance of Doggie made her become an "emotional wreck" and she even had to have therapy to get over the loss. https://uk.celebrity.yahoo.com/gossip/omg/mila-kunis-faces-lawsuit-after-being-accused-of-stealing-her-childhood-friend-s-chicken-125521212.html
  2. Just amazing how well Darling has played, I would like to think if the Hawks do finish Predators off, they go back to Crawford to start next series. Hard to put Darling on the bench with this performance.
  3. GRANDVILLE, Mich. — A Grandville business owner is encouraging customers to bring guns into his shop and says he won’t do business with gays. Brian Klawiter made the statements on his Dieseltec Facebook page Tuesday morning. Dieseltec is a diesel repair and performance shop located at 2875 Ottawa Avenue SW in Grandville. (Partial Facebook post follows) Guns ARE allowed at DIESELTEC, so much so in fact that we will offer a discount if you bring in your gun. (“On duty” cops are excluded because thats not their gun, thats my gun bought with my money, off duty absolutely!) I am a Christian. My company will be run in a way that reflects that. Dishonesty, thievery, immoral behavior, etc. will not be welcomed at MY place of business. (I would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. Homosexuality is wrong, period. If you want to argue this fact with me then I will put your vehicle together with all bolts and no nuts and you can see how that works.) Grandville business owner says bring in guns, but gays should stay away | Fox17
  4. After attending Pearl Jam concert in 400 section, that's where I'm going to try to sit for any Cubs games in future. Essentially 400 is 7 or 8 rows before 500 section. There is a walkway between section 400 or 500. I would say anything in 400 section and you are going to be good. You sit in lower level or even 500 level, you have to research make sure you aren't sitting behind a pole. :lol2: Left field bleachers are scheduled to be opened in May, but that's general admission and since only partial bleacher seats will be available. I think tickets may be limited there.
  5. Darling has been solid all year for Hawks, but to make playoff debut in that situation was unbelievable. Shall see how Crawford responds Friday.
  6. A majority of stats/reaction this early in the season is usually ridiculous, BUT the one I saw after Cubs win was stunning. At 4-2, this is first time Cubs have been 2 games over .500 since 2009. That's unbelievable.
  7. I just find the stories and post them here. Maybe we can have Warren Commission look into it. :lol2:
  8. Authorities say a woman was accidentally shot by her son-in-law while he was trying to shoot an armadillo. The incident had a lot of people scratching their heads- even law enforcement. "Just the circumstances, just all the way around, the whole situation was unusual," said Investigator Bill Smith with the Lee county Sheriff's Office. The shooting happened Sunday night on Gosa Road. Lee County Sheriff's deputies said 54-year-old Larry McElroy was outside when he fired his 9 mm pistol at the armadillo. The bullet killed the animal, but also ricocheted off of it, hit a fence, went through the back door of his mother-in-law's mobile home, through a recliner she was sitting in, and into her back. Man shoots at armadillo, bullet hits mother-in-law - WALB.com, South Georgia News, Weather, Sports
  9. SILVER SPRING, Md. — Maryland parents accused of child neglect for letting their kids roam around their neighborhood had to retrieve them from the county's Children's Protective Services after police removed the youngsters from a park. At about 4:55 p.m. ET Sunday, Montgomery County police received a call to check on the welfare of Danielle and Sasha Meitiv's children — Rafi, 10, and Dvora, 6 — at a park here. Officers found the children unattended and brought them to the agency as part of protocol, they said. Montgomery County police and county Children's Protective Services are jointly investigating the Meitivs of Silver Spring for allowing their children to walk repeatedly around the neighborhood alone. The parents say they know where their children are but are allowing them independence. Officers picked up the children about two blocks from home, Rafi said, telling them they would drop them off at home. Instead, the two sat in a patrol car for 2½ hours then were taken about 10 miles away to Children's Protective Services offices in Rockville, Md. Parents in trouble again for letting kids walk alone
  10. Their story begins at the old Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis. Shortly after delivering her baby, Zella Price was told the infant died. But Melanie was alive and for some unknown reason, she adopted by another family. Zella Price said she is hurt by the years of separation, but is thankful for this second chance. “(God) has given me everything the devil has taken from me,” Price said. “I’m getting it back. I’m getting my baby back.” Gilmore lost her hearing at the age of three because of a childhood illness. This reunion is something she has wanted for a long time. “I am just so happy…very excited,” she said. Gilmore’s children knew about their mom’s wish. They used the Internet and eventually found Zella Price. DNA testing confirmed Zella is Melanie’s mother. Mom reunited with daughter 50 years after being told she died | FOX2now.com
  11. Jak & Co. Hairdressers opened downtown 50 years ago, and moved it to now-trendy Bloomingdale in 1988. For much of its past quarter-century, the store has been surrounded by a laundromat, a uniform business and liquor stores with Plexiglass windows. Now, Jackson-Martin says the property owners want to charge market rate — an amount that Jak & Co. Hairdressers couldn’t pay. D.C. Landlord and Tenant Branch records indicate that an eviction receipt was processed in March. Jackson-Martin plans to vacate by the end of April and is selling and donating the salon’s equipment and helping its hairdressers — many of whom have been there for decades — find new jobs. After 50 years, a D.C. store will close ?due to gentrification? - The Washington Post
  12. Goodness, what a way to kick start the thread. Awesome stuff :lol2: :thumb:
  13. John Bailey said he was walking in the Sebastian Inlet State Park Monday night when he noticed a bobcat on the beach staring into the water at a shark snacking on a smaller fish in the shallow surf. All of a sudden, the bobcat leaped into the water to snag the 3-4 foot shark and dragged it onto the beach, Bailey said. WPBF was naturally suspicious of the photo and reached out to the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission for their opinion. Officials with the FWC said that this is normal behavior for a predatory cat. Is it real? Photo shows bobcat dragging shark in Florida | Local News - WESH Home
  14. As Taco Bell Corp. strives to “break out of the sea of sameness” at breakfast, CEO Brian Niccol has a broader plan to set the brand apart this year — including testing delivery and expanding its catering test. Niccol, who stepped into the CEO role at Taco Bell in January after his predecessor Greg Creed became CEO of parent Yum Brands Inc., outlined ambitious plans for the coming year in an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News. The initiatives are all part of an ongoing plan to position Taco Bell as a forward-thinking brand for Millennials and future generations in the rapidly changing quick-service landscape, according to Niccol. “I know a lot of people are talking about creating modern fast-food brands, and a lot are trying. But we’re already on our way,” he said. “We’re continuing to move Taco Bell into its own category.” Taco Bell Corp. CEO: 2015 plans include delivery | Quick Service content from Nation's Restaurant News
  15. BOULDER - Colorado Parks and Wildlife say goldfish have taken over a lake in Boulder. Wildlife officials believe someone dumped a handful of the pet fish into Teller Lake a few years ago. That handful has now multiplied to thousands. "These are domestic fish actually.These are fish from a store I imagine. They can out-compete the native fish," Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jennifer Churchill said. Thousands of goldfish taking over Teller Lake
  16. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Seven San Francisco police officers accused of sending racist and homophobic text messages have been suspended, and the police chief is recommending that they be fired. Chief Greg Suhr announced in a statement Friday that he has asked a police oversight committee to approve firing the officers. He says six others will face disciplinary actions that include reassignment to positions that don't have contact with the public. Another officer has resigned. Authorities say the texts targeting blacks, Mexicans, Filipinos and gay men were sent between 2011 and 2012. 7 San Francisco Officers Suspended Over Racist Texts
  17. WASHINGTON — For years, Drug Enforcement Administration agents posted in Colombia engaged in sex parties involving prostitutes who were supplied by local drug cartels, a Justice Department review found Thursday. The Justice inspector general's inquiry, which examined how federal law enforcement agencies handled sexual misconduct and harassment reports, concluded that seven of 10 agents allegedly involved admitted attending the parties in Colombia where a local police officer often stood guard, protecting the agents' firearms and other property. In addition, the report found, three of the DEA agents — all described as supervisory special agents — were "provided money, expensive gifts and weapons from drug cartel members.'' Review: Cartel funded sex parties of DEA agents
  18. PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) - Each year a few ideas get proposed at the state Capitol that have people shaking their heads. This year: Mandatory church attendance. An Arizona state senator thinks it is a good idea for the American people. State Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, brought it up during a committee meeting Tuesday while lawmakers were debating a gun bill concerning concealed weapons permits, not religion. Allen explained that without a "moral rebirth" in the country, more people may feel the need to carry a weapon. "I believe what's happening to our country is that there's a moral erosion of the soul of America," she said. "It's the soul that is corrupt. How we get back to a moral rebirth I don't know. Since we are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity that we have. Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth," she told the committee. AZ Senator: Church attendance should be mandatory - CBS 5 - KPHO
  19. NDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday signed into law a religious objections bill that some convention organizers and business leaders have opposed amid concern it could allow discrimination against gay people. Indiana is the first state to enact such a change this year among about a dozen where such proposals have been introduced. The measure would prohibit state and local laws that “substantially burden” the ability of people — including businesses and associations — to follow their religious beliefs. Pence said in a statement Thursday that the bill ensures “religious liberty is fully protected under Indiana law.” “The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion, but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action,” he said. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signs religious objections bill | Chicago
  20. London to New York City by car? It could happen if the head of Russian Railways has his way. According to a March 23 report in The Siberian Times, Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin has proposed a plan for a massive trans-Siberian highway that would link his country's eastern border with the U.S. state of Alaska, crossing a narrow stretch of the Bering Sea that separates Asia and North America. The scheme was unveiled at a meeting of the Moscow-based Russian Academy of Science. Dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR), the project calls for a major roadway to be constructed alongside the existing Trans-Siberian Railway, along with a new train network and oil and gas pipelines. "This is an inter-state, inter-civilization, project," the Siberian Times quoted Yakunin. "The project should be turned into a world 'future zone,' and it must be based on leading, not catching, technologies." Road from Europe to U.S.? Russia proposes superhighway - CNN.com
  21. WASHINGTON, D.C. — A photo that shows children climbing on The Vietnam Women’s Memorial has gone viral. The nation’s capital has many sites that honor the service and sacrifice made by those who served our country. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated to the women of the United States who served in the Vietnam War, most of whom were nurses. Matthew Munson was visiting the memorial when some parents encouraged their children to climb on the memorial for a picture. “There wasn’t a lot of people at this point,” Munson said. “Then a big group of people showed up just as the kids were treating the memorial more like a jungle gym and the parents were laughing. Then the veterans showed up, and they looked hurt more than angry. They were quiet.” Photo of children climbing on Vietnam Women?s Memorial goes viral | myfox8.com
  22. Instead of celebrating her crown, Ariana Miyamoto is already finding the need to defend it. Japan's newest Miss Universe contestant broke barriers when she was recently chosen to represent her country. But because the 20-year-old is the daughter of a Japanese woman and an African-American man from the United States, some are questioning whether she is Japanese enough to hold the title. According to Japanese websites, comments on Twitter ranged from, "Is it okay to select a hafu to represent Japan?" to "Because this is Miss Universe Japan, don't you think hafu are a no-no." "Hafu" (from "half") is a Japanese term used to refer to someone who is biracial. In an interview with press, Miyamoto insisted that while she doesn't "look Japanese" on the outside, on the inside, there are many Japanese things about her. Miss Universe Japan Facing Backlash at Home From Those Who Object to Biracial Beauty Queen Taking the Crown: Get the Details | E! Online
  23. Finland's classrooms are very different from America's -- far more permissive, with less of an emphasis on academics. There are no standardized tests until high school, and children get 15 minutes of recess in between lessons -- more than an hour of recess a day. "Play is important," one Finnish teacher told the Smithsonian magazine. "We value play." Yet Finnish kids always get good grades on comparisons of student achievement between countries. Their average scores on the Program for International Student Assessment, a test that's given to 15-year-olds in 65 countries, are among the highest in the developed world. As a result, critics of education reform in the United States often cite the Finnish example. It's a stark contrast to America's reliance on using test scores in public school teacher evaluations, or the strict, "no-excuses" model of discipline in charter schools that many have touted as improving academic results. Finland?s radical new plan to change school means an end to subjects - The Washington Post
  24. The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for Wisconsin to implement a voter-identification law that opponents say is one of the strictest in the nation. Rejecting without comment an appeal by civil rights groups, the justices Monday gave a victory to Republicans, including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who have championed voter-ID laws around the country. Wisconsin is one of 30 states with ID laws and one of 17 that enacted measures since the Supreme Court upheld an Indiana statute in 2008. Civil rights groups say ID requirements disproportionately affect minority and low-income voters while doing little if anything to protect against fraud. The organizations pressing the Wisconsin appeal said 300,000 registered voters in that state lack a qualifying ID. Wisconsin Voter-ID Law Stands as Supreme Court*Word Filter Violation - Edit Your Post*Rejects Appeal - Bloomberg Politics
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