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Your NKY Top 10 after Week 1??

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My main man Sandman, hey get your own top 10 list.:ylsuper: Great minds think a like, isn't that scary.

Maybe I should change it? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I can't help it if you cheated off me before I turned my paper in.:D


If Dayton wins again this week I may have to rethink their rating though.

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Remember rule #10 everyone:


10. No gambling, bookmaking or point spread comments are allowed in any of the high school forums. Figures of speech (and they better just be figures of speech) that use gambling terms may be used; but they will be subject to modification or deletion in the high school forums. All gambling comments are permitted in the non-high school forums as long as they do not involve any high school sports, students, or student-athletes.

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