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  1. Lol I've been waiting for someone who supports the program to acknowledge the situation there too.... but the usually mouthy fans and supporters have been silent. The bigger surprise is that there has been no new hire announcement. This happened quite a while ago. Crickets...... (chirp.. chirp)
  2. Congrats Mikah! Lewis is a major powerhouse in D2. Finished 33-3 on the season and were ranked as high as 3rd. Nice place to wind up.
  3. Most NDA supporters and parents on this site tend to act as though the current girls are equal to the Morgan days... Truth is she was a "once in a generation" player, and an impossible act to follow. NDA is still good. They have a great coaching staff. They have more talent on their roster than any other NKY HS, but they don't have a Morgan. No One Does. In my opinion they're beatable. Not sure I'd say that in years past with a straight face.
  4. I agree. Not sure what the attitude is about. There is very little info posted by anyone this year about any school. In regards to the SHDHS vs NDA game I was not there but heard it was worth the price of admission as always. Dixie (18-4) plays Beechwood (18-5) at home tonight... I bet tomorrow you won't know who wins unless you go to the KHSAA site.
  5. I think your spot on volleymom. We lost a lot of talent to graduation over the last two seasons in NKY. NDA still has the highest percentage of kids who play club volleyball though, and until that changes its hard to pick against them being the favorite to win the 9th.
  6. Just a few thoughts to supplement the discussion. Rich Kern's recruiting registry is a great site to use for your daughters profile too. It's free and is a verifiable source for coaches to use. I know that many do, but they also use the other sites too. In this day and age college coaches cant afford not too. Rich Kern Recruiting Registry I would still say the bottom line is this. *Create one profile in full detail, and keep it updated. Update however many other online profiles you choose to create from the main one. *Make 3 minute video highlights on a regular basis and post on youtube. link the profile and the video's to each other. *Get evaluated by your director and a trusted coach as to what level you/your daughter is capable of playing *Write a ton of emails to colleges and follow-up the ones who answer with phone calls and more emails. *Ask coach where you are on their list. *Ask If they have scholarship money for your position in your particular class. *Ask if the offer will be a 2-2, 3-1, or 4year full ride for D1. Average parental contribution if D2 D3 or NAIA. I've added a great site which will help you learn everything you need to know about the process. Enjoy. The College Volleyball Coach
  7. Dixie was Perrin Long Beechwood was Lauren Suchanek and Olivia Morehead Highlands was .... Lauren Epperson (I think).
  8. You could take several NKY schools and put them in other Regions and say the same thing.
  9. Easy there Tiger.... I believe he/she was referring to being a traditional power of the 5th Region, in which case he/she's correct.
  10. After the first two sets I thought NDA was gonna send us all home early, but then St. Henry took over the next two sets. Going into the fifth and final set the Crusaders had all the momentum, which one would have though would have carried over... ehhh no. NDA sprinted out to an early lead and never looked back. Highly enjoyable match, super competitive, and if they played six sets I would put money on the crusaders in the rubber match, ( that's how evenly these teams played each other). The atmosphere of the match was what all volleyball games should be like in my opinion. The stands were packed, and the student sections on both sides were rocking the house with their back and forth. The PA announcer and music during the downtimes added to it I thought. The Staff and Parents at Dixie put on a first class event and aside from parking, I thought everything went off without a hitch this week. I was proud to be a part of it, especially when so many thought moving the venue from Ryle was a bad idea.
  11. Cudo's to NDA and St. Henry on advancing to the finals. NDA's block last night was amazing and the difference in the game. Cooper had no answer for the tips that the Panda's used to score, and after losing the first set couldn't seem to put it together on serve receive. The final game tonight should be a good one.
  12. The Region 9 Players will be posted Thursday Night after the championship game. I'm not sure who will make it but the best players I saw in the tourney so far were: Beechwood - Lauren Shuchanek and Gabby Ogle Cooper - Katie Smith, Rebecca Ruppel Dixie - Leah Metzger, Perrin Long NCC - Mikah Freppon, Rachel MacDonald NDA - Lainey Stephenson, Natalie Hardig, ? (Could place several more Panda names here but had trouble choosing so I'll leave that to others.) SHDS - Paige Noble, Maria Tobertge, Karli Fugate Ryle - Hailey Bush, Reece Barber I doubt the list will look anything like this, but those were the players I saw that in my opinion made an impact in there matches, and/or were players that the opposing team had definite strategies to combat.
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