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  1. Thank you Cincyslp. that is more of what I was asking. What are some "legit" free online profile sites as opposed to others which may be scams? Have any of you had experience using these sites? And if possible, could you share a little how these things work?
  2. Can't let a good thread die............ Any advice on recruiting or playing at the college level? What can parents do to help their darling daughters possibly get recruited? Not the top 1% that are 6'5 and can dunk a basketball and everyone knows their name but the other girls that are not as fortunate or gifted but still love the game and want to play on a collegiate level?
  3. JV state tournament in Volleyball???? That is news to me. Could you point us to a article, link or something? Thank you
  4. We only allow team parents to be line judges, book, and clock, etc.
  5. Thanks for the link. It was very helpful. Also thanks to everyone for your advice and tips. Some good info above and I appreciate you sharing. And timely too as we will be going to a club parent meeting within the next few weeks. Does anyone else have questions they'd like to ask the group or things they'd like to share?
  6. I thought we could use a thread where those of you that have more experience with the ins & outs of volleyball, whether it be club ball, high school ball, college ball, coaching, rules, or recruiting tips, could share your experiences with the rest of the class. Those that are just entering the world of volleyball or those of us that have been in for a couple years could learn from your experiences and expertise and maybe others can also pick up a thing or two. As an example, and to kick things off, could you recommend a good and easy to understand rulebook? I've picked up quite a bit but there are still some calls or ref signals that I don't know. So a good book would be nice. Hopefully this will be fun and productive. Thanks to everyone.
  7. Hey gang, it's fairly easy to find schedules, rosters and rankings for the Varsity teams. However, the JV and Freshmen teams seem to be ignored. Is there any place to find the same info for the non-varsity teams? I think I know the answer but thought I'd ask anyway.
  8. Now this! These are possible solutions. Well said Dallas.
  9. Hmmm, so the state tournament should be made up of teams from Louisville and Northern Ky and forget about giving other teams a chance. No more North Carolina State's or Gonzaga's acting as Cinderella's or giant killers.... only the powerhouses should have a chance for the state title. So let's continue, the Lexington teams should have their own championship since they are better than the surrounding areas and Allen Central should just be handed the Eastern Ky championship. This just might work.............
  10. Wow. You really have to wonder how in the world they came up with the districts and regions. Some (many?) of them make absolutely no sense.
  11. That's what I was thinking too. lol Just a little surprised I'm the only one that frequents the boards.
  12. This! This is it. Where I'm at, in the middle of the state, volleyball (or sports in general) are not started until 6th grade. This is when my daughter was introduced to the game and immediately fell in love with it. (Now, in fairness) the rec dept did offer some sports opportunities but they didn't even offer volleyball). And although (he says with some bias) she has some skill and potential she will always be behind. Ok. maybe NOT always, but I think we can agree it is extremely difficult to overcome a 3 year or more difference in practice, coaching, and playing time. I watch her play and think she is pretty good, however, we go to tournaments in Indiana/NKY/Cinci and I go "wow, she is so far behind the other girls". And there's nothing we can really do about it at this point. She will be lucky to win the district and there's no way she has a chance at regionals or state. I guess my point to this rambling is until public schools start offering sports at the elementary level these athletes will be at a disadvantage and unfortunately, I don't see this changing anytime soon. ps: before someone says I should start a team in the elementary school - - let me say this. We have 5 surrounding schools and for the last 3 years I have advocated starting a volleyball team at each elementary school and having a little "unofficial" league where each school plays the others two games. Obviously, it would be a short season but it would introduce them to the game and at least get them some touches on the ball. All, I have gotten is resistance. "No money. No time. No one to coach. Must have a faculty rep. Extra costs for facilities, lighting, maintenance, janitorial, (enter your own excuse here.........)" Thanks for your time.
  13. Does anyone play volleyball in Ky besides Northern Ky and Louisville? :wave: Is there any news/rumors/gossip about anyone else? Any up & comers out there? Any break-out stars or ones to watch for? (I started to put "Threadicus" or maybe "Posticus" but stuck with Festivus)
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