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Summer High School Boys Tournament at KBA June 14-17

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KBA will host their annual Boys High School Tournament June 14th-17th. Having a great turnout as almost 20 schools (hope to get 25-30) have registered so far. Teams from all over the Commonwealth are coming, be a good chance to get a preview of some High School Teams.


Will be 3 divisions: Fresh, JV, and Varsity


Teams Currently Registered Include:


• Bath County

• Clinton County

• Dunbar

• East Jessamine

• Floyd Central

• Frederick Douglass

• George Rogers Clark (GRC)

• Harlan County

• Harlan Ind

• Johnson Central

• Lexington Catholic

• Lexington Christian (LCA)

• Mason County

• Middlesboro

• Newport

• Seneca

• Sheldon Clark

• Union County

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The schedule for the Boys HS Summer State Tournament is set. 6 freshman teams, 16 JV teams, and 23 varsity teams.


To see the entire schedule, go to:




Thanks so much. Hope someone will give recaps. I would love to go, but my mom is staying with us and I can't leave her. So I really would appreciate any news on teams and players.

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Tournament is off if I believe. KBA put a statement out this morning saying all their tournaments and stuff is cancelled and money will be refunded .


Just read an article from 36news that was posted 9 hours ago that mentioned all leagues will be postponed a week but the state tourney will go on. Might be a bit harder to find a home for a big tourney like that, than just a league or two. Stay tuned.

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Just to clarify the Boys HS Tournament is NOT postponed. There are some KBA leagues (e.g. corporate, mens, etc. that are being postponed I think). The High School Tournament is being played this week starting Thursday evening. It will be played at a variety of High Schools just like the Girls was last week). Pretty decent sized tournament with 16 JV and 23 Varsity teams. Teams playing include:


Floyd County Central


Clinton County


Mason County


Harlan County

Bath County

Johnson Central


Frederick Douglass 1

Frederick Douglass 2



Holy Cross - Covington

East Jessamine

Harlan Independent

Tates Creek


Thomas Nelson

Scott Co - Red

Scott Co - Blue

Bell Co

Lex Cath (Fresh and JV Only)


Online schedule: Schedules

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Got over to watch game with the wife and they were charging $7 for a summer league game. I asked if that was for the whole tournament and it was only for the one game this evening. This was the only varsity game two other games there tonight were just JV games. We went and had ice cream instead they were several other people who came up and said the same thing no thanks. I would think $3 to $5 dollars would be more than fair. They charged schools a entry fee to play. Also would be interested to know how much (if any) they are paying the Fayette Co. schools for using their gyms.

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Thursday's games:


Varsity - Pool E - Seneca def. Scott Co - Red 66-63


Varsity - Pool F - Holy Cross (Covington) def. Dunbar 38-37


Junior Varsity - Pool A - Lexington Catholic def. Harlan Independent 41-32


Varsity - Pool A/F - Tates Creek def. Holy Cross (Covington) 77-44


Varsity - Pool C - Harlan County def. Thomas Nelson 70-55


Varsity - Pool D - Frederick Douglass 2 def. LCA 66-63


Varsity - Pool C - Scott Co - Blue def. Thomas Nelson 94-56


Varsity - Pool D/F - Dunbar def. Middlesboro 51-47


Junior Varsity - Pool C - Harlan County def. LCA 37-32


Junior Varsity - Pool C - LCA def. Thomas Nelson 44-37

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