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Favorite Sports Mascot


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The Philly Phanatic ranks pretty high on my list, and I have to give a shout out to WKU's Big Red, but my all time favorite has to be...


The San Diego Chicken. :banana:


The Chicken was a true master, and the king of the craft. Most incredible was the suit was worn by the same guy, Ted Giannoulas, for 42 years.

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Plz, for the love of God, tell me that's not a guy dressed like a penis !!!


Rhode Island School of Design's mascot "Scrotie"


The Ball Report



-Their hockey team is "The Nads", so at games everyone shouts "Go Nads!!!"


-Their baskeball team is "The Balls" and the cheerleaders are "The Jock Straps" because they support "The Balls".


-Their sailing club is called the "The Seamen"


-Their fencing team is called "The...well... something one might do to their finger accidentally with a pin".

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