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Estill Co. Vs Letcher Co. Central Predictions?

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Letcher in a big way. Too much coaching for Letcher.


Is Letcher County Central expected to take a big step forward this season? I know last year they won four ballgames but were absolutely destroyed by Madison Southern, Bell County and Rockcastle County. That's normal for most teams in most years, but Clay County and Knox Central each held their own against these three district foes. Also, Letcher's only win came in a nail-biter, 14-7 over Perry Central early.


Can we expect Letcher County Central to emerge as this years "Madison Southern" and be the #3 team in that district? If not, how far off is Letcher Central from being a quality Class AAA team?

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Estill County will not be very good this season. I'll take Letcher by 35. Estill is trying the Mumme ball which is not their stength in my opinion. They had a great offense a couple of years ago, but it was all running plays.

Are you serious about the Mumme ball?:scared: Wow, talk about going to the extreme. That would be like Fat Anna Nicole Smith playing "TrimSpa Baby" Anna.:D

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