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Kentucky football season record predictions

stinkyboy II

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Back in August there was a thread asking for members to predict UK's season record. I went back and tallied the results.


9-3 - 1

8-4 - 4

7-5 - 7

6-6 - 9

5-7 - 9

4-8 - 6

3-9 - 2



Nice pretty bell curve of predictions.


With 4 games remaining and the season record to probably fall right there where members predicted, Why all the negativity? Aren't the Cats performing exactly as expected??

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The reason for the negativity is a large number of UK fans fall into the trap of starting the season strong against cupcakes, buying into the team before they've played anyone, and then frustration sets in when they realize they aren't as good as they thought (or hoped). Happens almost every year.

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