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  1. Have you read he is the leader? Seems like a poor fit. Miami needs a sinner to be relevant again, a good cheatin man that throws caution to the wind. Can't see Richt in Camo.
  2. At least he left Michigan on top.....probably still seeing #15 running over and around his LBs. He's a good coach. Friedgen had MD rolling for a while, I think you can win there. Great recruiting base in DC and surrounding areas
  3. Have you watched them play? They're not very good. And Stanford has 2 losses. That still matters to me.
  4. Lol. Butt hurt? No. Understand football? Yes. You sure get upset when someone calls out your drivel.
  5. Stanford will be first in if Carolina or Alabama lose. That's garbage, but I'm sure Ms. Rice pulling some strings. They lost to Northwestern. I can't let that go.
  6. I think if UNC is in top 8 tonight then win they are in.
  7. Then the conference champ argument would be stricken from the record books
  8. Thank you Obi Wan. I can assure you I am the farthest thing from a PC whine about everything as there is. But you forgot the main lesson that sports teaches us, that whatever makes the most money wins. Oh, and that education and work is secondary to sports, lets have two schools shut down a day and a half for a football game and have adults have to arrange a held day off. Some of us have to ask co workers to pick up our shift when we take time off. Give me the logic behind the 1a game being moved? Why not 6a? 5a? Why move the game that has the two teams traveling the farthest? If your answer doesn't involve $$$ you are wrong.
  9. No idea if Ethan is playing or not. VOR will tell you it's irrelevant, he's not crucial to their success.
  10. Recruiting is a cumulative effort, not one player at a time. Russell was a great get, but he wasn't surrounded by anyone else. Matta is losing the best players in the state to other programs. He hit it huge with the Oden Conley class and the Diebler group also made a run, and has seen success. Can you deny the program is in a decline trend? In 2015 he only got one of the top 10 players in the state, the #4 kid. In 2016 he only has the #6 and #10, and not sure either will be significant contributors. Yes, OSU is first and foremost a football school, but let's not make them out to be like UK. Their hoops team has recent success and you can win there. Go back and look at the Ohio kids over the last 5 years he has missed out on as they go to rival B1G schools line Mich St and Wiscinsin and play great and starring roles. Time for him to either step it up or go.
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