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  1. Didn't see what happened with the player situation, however, felt Hinson definitely deserved a T following the Cozart dunk.. he was going ballistic. Other than that all in all a good game, the Cozart kid is unreal especially to only be a sophomore.
  2. What's he supposed to play defense with? His toes? :idunno: But as for my prediction, if the Royals play the game they are capable of playing they can win this one, Mason by 2
  3. Don't see where anyone took shots at anyone? Just stating what a lot of people said after last night.. There were a lot of good players in the region this year, and Pig didn't get the credit he deserved and I'm glad that people finally realize his true ability.
  4. Great game and great tournament He may have not won the award but Pig Williams is the best player in the 10th and it's not even close, he does so much for this team and proved how far he can really take them.
  5. This game more than likely marks the end of what has been an unbelievable set of games over the past 4 seasons. Should be an absolute war, and I'm gonna take the boys from maysville in a 65-64 classic.
  6. I think holding a 6'9 region POY to 2 second half rebounds is a pretty good job for a team that couldn't "bang"
  7. Mason plays a zone and forces Paris to shoot over it. They handle Garrard the same way they did Wilson in the second half, although he still probably gets around 20 and 10.. Then Pig Williams does what he always does and the Royals win this one Mason 74 Paris 68
  8. Anything can happen.. just saying if Mason and Augusta met for the regional final it might be the most the most hyped and attended 10th region championship game in recent history. Anything can happen, but we can all be hopeful for certain things and I am hopeful these 2 get the job done Monday
  9. It would only be fitting that Augusta and Mason meet one more time before both schools lose some great seniors!
  10. This isn't a rivalry.. If you were apart of the Mason/Fleming rivalry in all sports you'd understand, its pure hatred when the games are being played and nothing but respect outside of sports.. As for the Bracken County people having hatred for MC, most people in Maysville couldn't care less.. we don't consider Bracken a rival, every 5-10 years there is always a wave where the 1A schools can compete with the bigger schools.
  11. Anything can happen, but I'll take Mason simply because they are the deepest and most talented team in the tournament. They've had open shots that just haven't been falling, if the shots fall the next 2 games then they'll be playing at BB&T if they don't fall and continue to play the way they have then it'll be tough to get out of region.
  12. I don't believe I ever said they would but if you say I did maybe I did. But yes, the region is theirs to lose. One bad game doesn't change that.
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