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  1. Should social media be allowed for high school student athletes during their in season sport? Starting to think that for Mason Co! As a graduate it's hard seeing the athletic programs going downhill in the recent years. Most of this I think is the result of "tweeting" other "fans" from other schools and having trash talk with others. Something needs to be straightened out in Maysville and surrounding counties!
  2. It seems every poll that Mason Co is in, they are always on the losing end... Not sure if it's cause of the hate or if people really think we will lose. We keep proving wrong....so whatever. :sssh:
  3. Cannot forget Levi Dunaway and Isaiah Garrison. These young guns really showed how they can play. Can't wait for the Paris game.
  4. Paris and Harrison played on Feb. 13th., Paris winning by 9. Garrard went 1-11 from the field, 9.1%. Wells and Cunningham stepped up. I suspect Garrard to have a much better night. Hounds by 10+.
  5. I've been to a basketball game at the CC middle school. Nice facility, just bad travels for select schools. Hoping for some good semi-final games!
  6. Ridiculous to have the tournament up there. Only two really "northern" teams (Scott & Campbell) two, MAYBE three teams in the "middle" (Mason St. Pat (Harrison?)) and three teams more southern (Bourbon, Nicholas, GRC) I hate to bring up the location fuss again but it's ridiculous for the more southern teams to travel around 45 minutes through or around Maysville, then another 45 minutes-1 hour up to Campbell County. Fieldhouse would be great for girls 10th region. Everyone having no more than a 1 hour or so drive.
  7. You could call me a homer but Mason should run through the region... talent, sweet sixteen final four experience, great coach. what does this team not have? go Royals!
  8. Covington Catholic Mercer County Taylor County Christian County
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