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Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 11/01/15


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BluegrassPreps 2015 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 10 Playoff Prep Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week: The third season has arrived: Playoff Time! The time most of us cherish most, as teams prepare for the win or go home drama ahead! Looking back, we have had some terrific football this season! These playoffs seem pretty open with many teams in the West capable of making deep playoff runs!


Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 10:

Pretty big shake up this final week, as 3 big games within the top 12 meant we had to have 3 teams lose this week! That being said, McCracken County, Caldwell County, Christian County, Russellville, Murray, Henderson County and Monroe County all fall in the final rankings (Top 15) of the year. But this doesn’t mean they have failed, as I applaud their scheduling to get them prepared for the tough playoff road ahead!

1. Bowling Green 5A (9-1): Win 38-14 vs 6A McCracken County

2. South Warren 4A (10-0): Win 36-14 vs Pope John Paul II, Hendersonville, TN

3. Owensboro 5A (9-1): Win 37-7 vs 6A Henderson County

4. Mayfield 2A (9-1): Win 25-24 at 3A Caldwell County

5. McCracken County 6A (8-2): Loss 38-14 at 5A Bowling Green

6. Hopkinsville 4A (9-1): Win 62-17 vs 5A Marshall County

7. Caldwell County 3A (8-2): Loss 25-24 vs 2A Mayfield

8. Owensboro Catholic 2A (8-2): Win 47-27 vs 6A North Hardin

9. Paducah Tilghman 3A (7-3): Win 35-21 vs 2A Murray

10. Christian County 5A (7-3): Loss 38-26 at 4A John Hardin


PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Co-Games of the Week (Week 10): What a way to end the regular season with one true classic and another game that told us quite a bit!


Mayfield 2A (9-1) 25 at Caldwell County 3A (8-2) 24. This was the classic and a Great Game as most predicted it would be! Both teams complained about the officiating, but both teams have to live with it just like we all do. Great players making great plays all over the field. This one should give both a boost going into the playoffs. Mayfield played with a champions heart and just refused to lose even when down late twice! Very impressive! To lead Mayfield the way Caldwell did; you have to give the Tigers credit as well. And I don’t think they are done. It was such a good game; I’m kind of mad at myself for not driving down to it.


McCracken County 6A (8-2) 14 at Bowling Green 5A (9-1) 38. This is the one we learned quite a bit about both (Well, at least 1) teams. First, McCracken is a good team, but their defense has to improve in order to rise to the level I think they want to get to. Based on what I saw Friday night, the Mustangs wouldn’t matchup favorably with most of the better 6A teams from Jefferson County. Never fear Mustang fans, no one else does either. For BG, this team has an underlying confidence about it IMO that reassures you they are in control. Only bad thing in this game was 1 injury a piece. Hope both aren’t serious, as its Playoff Time!


Meat N Potatoes Top 10 Version – Week 10:

10) Christian County (5A) – Preseason Rank (PR): 6 – Last Week (LW): 9 - 2015 Record 7-3; District Record 3-1] Week 10 Results: Loss 38-26 at 4A John Hardin (7-3). Christian County didn’t have a great performance in this game, but they learned what a quality playoff-type opponent looks like. They will regroup and win next week at home vs Barren County fairly easily I say.

Playoff Snapshot: This team has matured and even though they fell in Week 10, I believe this will help them for Week 2 at BG. Yes, the Colonels fell to BG early in the year by a running clock, but it’s hard to beat a team twice in 1 year.

Ceiling: Shock the World and show up in Owensboro Week 3.

Floor: Barren County kidnaps Langhi, Catlett, and Kenner and they fall to the Trojans!

Purple88 Pick: Christian shows up ready to play at BG and hangs with the Purples until the second half – 28-14 BG. No shame there!


9) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – PR: Next 10 – LW: 11 - 2015 Record 7-3; District Record 3-1] Week 10 Results: Win 35-21 vs 2A Murray (6-4). Welcome back Blue Tornado’s! You just want to write these guys off several time throughout the year and they just keep coming back!

Playoff Snapshot: Played a killer schedule and have athletes all over the field except the trenches. Could beat 3A powers on their off night and could lose to Edmonson County on PT’s off night.

Ceiling: Host Region 2 3A Power Week 4!

Floor: Not show up and Edmonson County has their best game of the year!

Purple88 Pick: You can make a run, but I expect you to be stopped a second time by the Caldwell County Tigers in Week 3!


8) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 10 – LW: 8 - 2015 Record 8-2; District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win 47-27 vs 6A North Hardin (3-7). I think OCath got their money’s worth! 3 score win against a 6A school even if they are over-rated. Aces are ready to GO!

Playoff Snapshot: Team Nintendo has really been fun to keep up with all year! They will be a tough out for sure! Hate to see a special QB like Zuberer move on, but such is life and he still has work to do!

Ceiling: Playing for the 2A Championship in BG! You are not the favorite, but you are capable!

Floor: An Old Nemesis, the Murray Tigers are good enough to beat you in the 2nd Round.

Purple88 Pick: I think you beat the Murray Tigers and travel to Mayfield in the 3rd round and give it all you got, but come up just short: 42-35 Mayfield.


7) Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 9: LW: 6 - 2015 Record 8-2; District Record 4-0] Week 9 Results: Loss 25-24 vs 2A Mayfield (9-1). It seems tough that someone had to lose in Princeton on Friday night, but that’s the game we love. Even with the loss, I expect Caldwell to use this one as motivation going forward.

Playoff Snapshot: The Tigers have slipped up on many this year who thought without Purdue signee QB Sindelar they would take a big step back. Was not to be, with the emergence of QB Burns, the steadiness of Cain, and the real X factor being the Tiger D really improving throughout the season!

Ceiling: This Team can go to Bowling Green. I have no reservations in saying that!

Floor: Paducah Tilghman hasn’t forgotten the earlier loss and could take revenge in Week 3!

Purple88 Pick: The Road to Bowling Green goes through Region 1 and Princeton, as long as they keep winning. I say that is a big factor and Caldwell Goes to BG! You heard it here first!


6) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 8 – LW: 7 - 2015 Record 9-1; District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win 62-17 vs 5A Marshall County (2-8). Good team with too much beats not good team with too little. Not much gained here. But was much lost?

Playoff Snapshot: This team has endured more than any in the West (maybe the State) with the tragic loss of a teammate among other things. But they have pulled together and I’m sure will rely on that bond even more during the playoffs.

Ceiling: Shock the World and beat South Warren and host John Hardin in Week 4!

Floor: Not show up when they get hit in the mouth for the first time since Christian County and lose to the Warren Central Dragons in Week 1!

Purple88 Pick: Beat a game Warren Central squad and play valiantly against the Spartans, but come up short: 34-21 South Warren.


5) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 5 - LW – 3; 2015 Record 8-2; District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Loss: 38-14 at 5A Bowling Green (9-1). Most impressed with the MANY Mustang fans that traveled to support their team! Well done! Zyaire Hughes is a terrific player and was worth the price of admission along with #8 WR. Was a little un-impressed with QB Jones, but I think the BG D had a lot to do with that.

Playoff Snapshot: This team has many very good pieces and I think can beat any 6A squad in the West. Playing Jefferson County beasts…..…that’s a problem!

Ceiling: Beat a very good Central Hardin squad and host the Beasts in Week 4. Give it your best shot Mustangs – You have NOTHING to lose!

Floor: Central Hardin is good enough to beat you in Week 3 if you overlook them!

Purple 88 Pick: Mustangs host the Male Bulldogs the day after Thanksgiving and play their best game of the year, but it is Male’s year 35-24 Bulldogs!


4) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 2 – LW - 5 - 2015 Record 9-1; District Record 3-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 25-24 at Caldwell County 2A (8-2). Teams that win EXPECT to win. Some don’t like that. Tough. Mayfield is as tough a team to knock off as there is because the team they beat on Friday night is really good!

Playoff Snapshot: BUYER BEWARE! If you draw the Cardinals this playoff season, you better bring everything you got and prepare to play to the final horn! Oh, and I think their lines have really come together now and that’s more bad news!

Ceiling: They have been to the Championship Game every year since 2009, I see nothing that says that has to stop this year!

Floor: The Murray Tigers played better than Mayfield for a half in Mayfield this season. They could exact revenge of the Cardinals in Week 3 if they can get there!

Purple88 Pick: Mayfield edges a game Desales Colts team 28-17 and goes to BG again!


3) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 4 – LW: 4 - 2015 Record 9-1; District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 37-7 vs Henderson County 6A (4-6). Red Devils got their middle LB back and really had no problem in their game against nearby foe Henderson Co.

Playoff Snapshot: Owensboro is the real deal. They went to the 4A Championship Game last year and they could make it to the 5A Championship game this year.

Ceiling: The Red Devils could exorcise some Purple Demons and make it to BG!

Floor: The team they may not want to play again, Graves County, could make another shot count in Round #2!

Purple88 Pick: Owensboro will host the Purples in a Classic Rematch Week 3 and the loss of SR LB Gekove Gardner is only truly felt in this game as the Purples have just enough to overcome Rash Stadium 28-27 BG!


2) South Warren (4A) – PR: 3 – LW: 2 - 2015 Record 10-0; District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 36-14 vs Pope John Paul II from Hendersonville, TN (3-7). Well the only thing the Pope had left for South was some spare holy water as they were handled pretty easily. With Johnson Central getting their doors blown off against Belfry, no one can say South isn’t #1 in 4A now!

Playoff Snapshot: South Warren has been the prohibitive favorite to make it back to WKU where they began the year! Tough in all phases – this team is ready for a deep run!

Ceiling – Anything less than the Championship Game will be a disappointment for this undefeated team!

Floor – IMO, Hopkinsville (because of their ability to pass) and John Hardin (because they have already played you once before and are playing with more confidence now) have a chance to stay in the game with you and anything can happen.

Purple88 Pick: This is South’s year! I just think South has the advantage, especially if QB Ryder Litten is healthy! South finishes the year where they began it - at WKU!


1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1 – LW: 1 - 2015 Record 9-1; District Record 3-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 38-14 vs 6A McCracken County (8-2). BG used several McCracken turnovers, a well-balanced offense and solid defense to never really be threatened on Senior Night. Potential injury to OL Chaz Toohey is troublesome.

Playoff Snapshot: Other than a terrible 1st half against St X, this Purple squad has taken on all challenges in spades and comes into this Playoff season hitting on all cylinders! Beware 5A!

Ceiling: BG is clearly capable to getting back to the Championship Game at WKU!

Floor: I think Graves County was rated below #5 in 5A last year when they came to BG and beat BG 7-0. BG’s path to the Championship is more difficult than any other (must beat the #5, #4, #3, and #2 rated BGP teams in order to win the championship). BG “could” lose to Christian County in Week #2 is their floor.

Purple88 Pick: Thankfully, the BG coaching staff will be too good to let this team overlook anyone and although Christian, Owensboro and Fern Creek are all deserving Top 5 5A teams; they aren’t the best team and BG marches to WKU to end the season where they began it on the carpet at WKU!



Jayvon Quarles Week 10 Players of the Week: MANY did not post stats prior to post this week and know I’ve left some off, but I have the following:

1) Ray Zuberer III – QB OCath – 20 for 29 yielding 361 yards and 3 TDs in their outstanding win over North Hardin!

2) Rex Henderson – QB Butler Co – 18 for 34 yielding 252 yards and 3 TDs in their impressive win over 6A Ohio County!

3) Tre Fant – Bowling Green – SR CB tied school record with his 9th INT (was a Pick 6) this year in win over McCracken County.


Week 10 “Momentum Trending Down”

McCracken County (6A) – Down – It’s really mostly disappointed than down. You had your crowd behind you and you were driving in the first series at BG, but a snap error caused a fumble; BG takes it in and you can never really recover. Missed opportunity. But MUCH still to play for! This is Coach Jackson’s first season and I think he’s done a great job! No shame losing at BG!

Russellville (1A) – Down – I know you were playing a school 3 Classes above you and it’s ok not to win, but to be handled pretty easily is not what I was looking for. Expected much more. That said, you now drop back down to 1A teams and think you have a great chance to make a deep run! Pick yourself up Panthers!


Week 10 “Momentum Trending Up”

Butler County (2A) – Up – Many wrote this team off after getting blasted by OCath earlier in the year, but they put together 4 straight wins with their last their most impressive against a decent Ohio County squad. Guaranteeing a Week 1 win against the JCarter Ballard Memorial Bombers!

Mayfield (2A) – Up – You go on the road and play against a team 1 Class over you and take many shots in the game and still find a way to win. MOST teams can’t do this in ANY Class. Sets you apart! Really rolling right now! Confidence is never really an issue for Mayfield, but it certainly isn’t now!


“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant!


Well who was pushed off the end of the Pirate’s Plank and who saved the ship! Here’s The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly after this FINAL week:

The Good: Hancock County (1-9) 34 Breckinridge County 24! The clouds lifted and the sun shone as bright as any Easter Morning ever has in Lewisport! Congratulations to the Hornets and their whole community for the Big Win! :dancingpa


The Bad: I wish I could tell you all 3 teams won, but that’s not the real world. :depressed:

Fulton City 22 Fulton County 20 – The Fulton County team really tried in this one, but in the end; just wasn’t meant to be. We’ll be pulling for you next year Pilots!


The Ugly: I think the Cougars gave a good effort here in a game I really feel they could have won. Todd County Central 35 – Logan County 18. The real Ugly is that Logan County hasn’t won one game since October 12, 2012 when they beat the Barren County Trojans on the road 21-20. Better Luck next year Cougars! :bag:


Thanks for rooting for these guys! My heart truly goes out to these teams.


11 Through 15 – Tougher call down here, but probably more fun to argue about as well:

11) Butler County 2A (8-2) – Week 10: vs 6A Ohio County – Won 31-27 – Rex Henderson still getting it done! Playoff Snapshot: Good team here with one really good player! Purple88 Pick: Joe Namath and I guarantee a Week 1 win over the Ballard Memorial Bombers! After that, Rex Henderson would need to part the Red Sea (Mayfield Cardinal Red Sea – that is!) to get a second win. Maybe Charlton Heston could suit up for the Bears and bring his Mighty Staff with him!


12) Greenwood 5A (8-2) – Week 10: vs 4A Warren Central – Won 14-6 – Good win against a better than their record suggests Warren Central squad. Playoff Snapshot: Likely the best Week 1 matchup in the West and one of the better ones in the state when the Graves County Eagles come to BG. Should be a really good one!


13) Tie: Murray 2A (6-4) – Week 10: Lost 35-21 at Paducah Tilghman – can take this one of 2 ways – a. Tilghman is peaking at the right time or b. Murray is trending down on their own – What say you? Playoff Snapshot: Hard-nosed team that won’t quit and will pound you if you let them. Purple88 Pick: Just think your luck runs out Week 2 against Team Nintendo and the Owensboro Catholic Aces!


Graves County 5A (5-5) – Week 10: Ambushed poor ole’ Calloway County 51-12. This team is peaking at the right time; just like last year. Playoff Snapshot: They head to BG again, but this time face a solid Greenwood squad with both teams looking to make a statement! The winner will have to earn this one!


14) Russellville (1A) (8-2) – Week 10: Outplayed by 4A Franklin Simpson 34-12. Applaud playing old rivals like this one, which goes way back. But you have to question what Russellville really has when they are faced with an opponent that is supposed to be better than them! Playoff Snapshot: The Panthers are the best 1A team in the West by a lot! Honestly, I don’t look for them to get challenged until they are likely “over-challenged” by the Beechwood Tigers in the 4th Round. Could Russellville win that game? Yes. Is it likely? No. Purple88 Pick: Russellville hosts Beechwood and gives them everything they want……..for a while. It’s Beechwood’s year: 42-28 Beechwood.


15) Tie Monroe County 2A (6-4) – The Falcons are like the guy in the school playground that picks a fight with ever guy he sees no matter how big or bad he is! Playoff Spotlight: The 2A Falcons dodge nobody (6A, 5A, 4A – you name it!)! However, they are still not running at optimum capacity. Purple88 Pick: Will win a game in the playoffs and will be pulling for you in Week #2, but Desales is the better team I fear!


Allen County-Scottsville (4A) (5-5) - Really impressed with Coach Brad Hood (Cough-cough…should have been Warren Central Coach) and the Patriots! They go to Bardstown and get the win they needed to secure the #2 district seed; secure a home playoff game, and secure you are away from South Warren as long as you could be!


Farewell: End of the Road! It’s been a Long Road, but I hope you have found it as fun as I have! Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our other teams out West!

You realize in our Top 15 that teams in the West don’t have more than 1 loss until the #7 team; more than 2 losses until the #9 team; and more than 3 losses until the #13 teams. Lot to love about football teams in the West! Good Luck to All Your Teams in the Playoffs and see ya next year I hope!

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Thanks, it has been one of my favorite threads that I looked forward to each week. Oh and please add Mayfield kicker Sid Herndon to the list of MVP's for the week. The Cardinal kicker did it again, I now refer to him as $Money$!!! If there is a game winning kick needed in the faint final seconds no one in the state has been bigger or better and he can no add Caldwell County to his impressive list. This is the same kid who beat Williamsburg in last season state title game

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I would add Shamari Morton on the list of the Players of the Week.


3 catches 119 yards receiving 1 TD

20 yards rushing 1 TD

95 yard kickoff return for TD

50 yard punt return for TD


I don't know those are pretty good numbers for a full night work.

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Even though Monroe's w-l ratio does not look very well I truly believe they will give Desales all they want. If they look for the rematch to CAL it will be a very long road North for them. Monroe will not just go down easy. They will play to the end. I have enjoyed your threads all year. Look forward to next year. But I truly believe we have four games left. Mayfield is just Mayfield. That's all I can say. The road through them comes through us.......see you soon!!!!!!!

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Dang no love for the Henderson Co. Colonels this week.. Not even top 15 love? Look I get it a 4-6 record looks trash. And getting smacked around by O'boro on Friday sure didn't help matters. But I would argue this much. That same Butler Co. team that's ranked #11 acquired a 8-2 record against terrible competition, opponents combined record of 41 wins & 59 losses. Now I know I'm biased don't get me wrong but I think Henderson Co. would have fared a little better playing that schedule rather than the one they did (opponents 71-31). Not to mention the same Ohio County team Butler squeaked out a win against by 4 points Friday, Henderson took to the woodshed 35-0 earlier this season. But hey I guess the fact that I'm even comparing Henderson Co. to Butler Co. shows what kinda year it's been for the Colonels this year.

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Allen Co.-Scottsville did not get the 2 seed in its district. They came in 3rd behind Franklin-Simpson, who beat Monroe Co. on the road and manhandled Russellville this week, but are not in the rankings.
FS, I owe you and the Franklin fans an apology as I misread their districts results in Franklin's district. Therefore I provide this addendum:


13) Tie: Franklin Simpson 4A (6-4) - Week 10 Results: Win 34-12 vs 1A Russellville (8-2); Good win here, but you have clearly been an up and down team this year. Playoff Snapshot: Play an underrated Madisonville team this week at home, which I think you can clearly win. Then likely have to travel to Hopkinsville. That game would be interesting for sure. Purple 88 Pick: Play best game of year and handle Madisonville. Travel to Hoptown and play well, but just not well enough: 28-21 Hopkinsville.

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Now I can say...good job Purple on the rankings!


I agree with your prediction for FS...should beat Madisonville but I don't know if we will beat Hoptown. If FS continues to be one-dimensional they will not beat any really good teams.

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I really think the 2-A west is a juggernaut.


Murray and O'Cath will have a tough road. The winner of that game more then likely gets Mayfield. IF either team gets by them, then they get DeSales or Cal, then probably NCC or Danville in the Finals.


Should be interesting....

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Dang no love for the Henderson Co. Colonels this week.. Not even top 15 love? Look I get it a 4-6 record looks trash. And getting smacked around by O'boro on Friday sure didn't help matters. But I would argue this much. That same Butler Co. team that's ranked #11 acquired a 8-2 record against terrible competition, opponents combined record of 41 wins & 59 losses. Now I know I'm biased don't get me wrong but I think Henderson Co. would have fared a little better playing that schedule rather than the one they did (opponents 71-31). Not to mention the same Ohio County team Butler squeaked out a win against by 4 points Friday, Henderson took to the woodshed 35-0 earlier this season. But hey I guess the fact that I'm even comparing Henderson Co. to Butler Co. shows what kinda year it's been for the Colonels this year.

You make some fair points and honestly I had Henderson on my #15 line, but chose to give the nod to Allen Co-Scottsville because they were on the up tick and Henderson was on the down tick. That said, If you play Ohio County with Butler Co #s then I'll look at it evenly, but because you have 6A #s and they have 2A #s I typically don't do that.

BUT, I applaud Henderson for playing a very tough schedule. MOST other 6A Western KY teams don't have anywhere close the schedule that Henderson does and they have some over-valued W/L records because of it. Another issue is that playing a tough schedule is a double-edged sword IMO. Win and you get a Huge boost, but lose and there are consequences with that too, but in the long run it will help you!

I'm hoping Henderson can use this season to improve on going forward as they have some nice pieces. Problem is I believe All-World RB Carter is a senior, so it'll have to be centered around someone else.

But I'll go on record to say I sure hope he gets to 4,000 yards in his career, as that's quite an achievement! I'll be pulling for you against Meade County!

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