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  1. Monroe County's head coach John Petett has stepped down and retired from the Falcons. So there is officially a position open.
  2. I went to Center Grove through middle school before coming south. Go Trojans!!!
  3. Way to go Colts! Classy program!!! Now on to War Memorial for a total dream killer for Mayfield. They are tough at home but not indestructible. Good luck the rest of the way!!!
  4. They played very well and held our big and fast linemen at bay. I am going with DeSales. I think they are running on all cylinders but I do worry about CALs athletes. This will be a gray game. DeSales by 14. They will not make the same mistakes and have the turnovers they did in the first meeting. They are very well coached and this is like a second half for their coaches.
  5. Your Fanbase is just a little over-the-top for me! Nothing personal I promise...
  6. I was very pleased with the game! Monroe's boys gave there all, DeSales was just to deep and kept fresh legs in. We hung in there until they just could not go at 100% anymore. It really showed in the 3rd and 4th quarters that they were walking away. There offense was running on all cylinders and had Monroe with no answers. DeSales has a very good defense for the run but Monroe may have exposed one weakness. A spread offense with quick passes and multi formations is very hard to defend at the high school level. It would be hard for me to see them get beat because I have much respect for this program. And once again the FAN base was completely awesome!!!!!!! It is great to see two different schools competing to be the loudest at a high school game. It felt like a college game. It was very high energy and very respectful between both sides. And my son said it was incredible from the field. Very intense!!!!! Go Colts...take care of business next week and then knock off Mayfield!!!! You have a new fan when we are not playing each other!!!!!
  7. What a football game! I must say say DeSales played their hearts out! Their coaching staff made the necessary adjustments and they fought until it was over! Monroe jumped out quick and their defense had the Colts wondering what they had gotten into. They could not move the ball in the first quarter at all. But like all great teams, they found Monroe's weakness and explored it. Monroe has a great run defense but our pass defense is not as great. DeSales passed the ball very good. #16 is for real. A duel threat to pass and run., and he does it very well. And on a side note the DeSales fans are just as loud and crazy as we are! I love them! Great game and wonderful atmosphere tonight. DeSalesDad it was great meeting you and talking some good football. I am definitely rooting for you guys. A real CLASS ACT! Good luck the rest of the way! To our seniors....no shame in the way you guys played tonight. Great ending to a good season...Love you guys!!!!!!
  8. DeSales is taken over. The depth of them is really showing. Very class act and a very good ball club! 35-14 DeSales 8:25 left in game.
  9. 1:50 left in third DeSales has taken a good lead. 28-14 DeSales
  10. Offense passing game. DeSales has come out at half throwing and stunned Monroe's defense. Their Qb has a rifle and is very accurate.
  11. 14-14. All tied up 1:04 til half. We have a heck of a war in Monroe County tonight.
  12. Thanks Purple88. Today is Is a lucky day for our family. My son was born on Friday the 13th. He wears #13. My number in the Army league was #13. The stars are aligning and the fever is in the air!!!!! I love the playoffs!!!! I hope DeSales has safe travels and I am looking forward to meeting some BGP members from the north!!!! Now let's play and and have some fun.....
  13. They usually do have Bbq at the games. But we do have Falcon fritters(funnel cakes) roetaters (twisted chips) and cheese. And the usual dogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn ect.... They usually have pulled pork sandwiches as well. Pretty good snack bar. They actually have two. Plus Anita's Bbq is directly down from the stadium. FYI when you come into town, the field is at the old high school. Second light make a right. Or first light down town. Field is one mile on left. Not to many places to eat here but Bbq and Bob's house has the best pork steak I have ever eaten. Be safe and see everyone at the game.....
  14. Yes Glasgow has many hotels. They also have a brand new one right behind the fast food eateries. It is only a half hour drive and almost all of you will pass through it o. The way here. Be safe everyone, we are looking forward to hosting you guys.
  15. Stats for these teams.. Desales. Scored 378 allowed 75 Monroe scored 296 allowed 207 Opponents records Desales-52-47 Monroe 47-53 Rushing yards Desales 2642 allowed 1053 Monroe 2156 allowed 1691 Passing yards Desales 1008 allowed 509 Monroe 1507 allowed 1091 This should be a fun game to watch!
  16. I Love to see schools and players do this. It is a comrodery that they will carry with them through life. My hats off to your program for implementing this. Monroe has a Falcon walk. The boys warm up at the old high school field where us grown ups played many years ago and are led to the field by the band, cheerleaders, and community! Side by side to enter the field through the 15' tall MC helmet. Once your thought the helmet all else in the world does not exist! I am so looking forward to this game I can barely focus at work. My wife is going to fire me if I don't get anything done this week!
  17. We have really good size on the DL. Both tackles are 6-2 256 and 6-6 325. One defensive end is 6-0 and has won the weightlifting competition two years in a row for his class and the class above him. He is also a 1st team all sky conference player. The other end is 6-7. Our middle linebacker is #4 Whitlock. He is 6-0 215 and is also 1st team all sky conference player. He will rearrange your ear pads. He is also just a junior. We have one corner that runs a 4-4 with tremendous closing speed. We have rotating other corners between a junior running back #8 and sophomore running back #7. They both are very grounded and talented players.
  18. I agree with cherish the moment. You will never get it back and some if theses boys do not realize it's almost over forever!
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