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  1. Nah. Prp is an emotional team that pumps themselves up and has a lot of adrenaline early. They pay a bit of a price after that wears off. This is the 3rd time its happened not the first. They were in a 1 point scrimmage against Fern Creek and up by 7 in the 4th quarter on Bowling Green. I suppose 21-0 vs Eastern actually doesn't even count as a back and forth game.
  2. You probably weren't paying attention, but they were only up 7 late in the 2nd half last week after having a big lead..
  3. Scott is bigger and stronger. I hope they flex that strength. Getting cute was your idea. It doesn't make much sense to people who know McKee.
  4. I'd like to see Scott county flex a little muscle here, especially defensively.
  5. They are just calling you out because you claim to know things that turn out to be not true, and your comment, if true, would have been viewed as making an excuse for Trinity losing. Dot-Dot-Dot Kind of like when you insinuated I was an X fan yesterday.
  6. And there is one of the flaws in Kentuckys system. Hey, Grant you have a lot of kids living in the county, it doesn't matter that they have never even played a sport.
  7. I think more teams should drop out and schedule each other.
  8. It seems odd to be pulling back on offense and going more conservative and less explosive with a senior qb, no?
  9. Specifically Langhi the division 1 qb who threw for 45 yards in game 1. I expected better and that is what the other poster is probably referring to as well. In your words extremely young offense that is getting better is not what he expected from the #1 team in the west.
  10. I thought Trinity fans like yourself would be above excuses.
  11. The problem with this is that no one named James Taylor is a starter for X. No one named James Taylor is on the 2 deep defense for X.
  12. Purple88 its OK. He's wrong a lot. He couldn't comprehend when I told him how good PRP was last week before the game.
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