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Ohio Sec of State certifies marijuana ballot initiative

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A lot of nky people would venture across the bridge.


How would that work? Smoke it over there and drive home under the influence or bring it into Kentucky illegally?


Not arguing if it should be legal or not, just don't see how this will be any different for Kentucky Citizens.

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Question about legalizing marijuana. If I am serving a sentence in jail/prison because of marijuana can I get out of jail once it is legalized?


Good Question! I guess it would depend on if they legalized what you were doing to begin with.


I could see a lot of people in Jail get out, Prison not so much.

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That's what I was thinking. Just wondering if that is fair.


I definitely don't want want my tax dollars paying for someone to be jailed if having or selling pot is their only offense. Whether this is fair or not probably depends on your (universal) feeling toward incarceration.


If you're of the opinion that jail should only serve as protection of the public or deterrence, good luck coming up with an argument that an individual should be imprisoned for partaking in an activity that the citizens of the state have decided should be legal.


On the other hand, if you feel jail should be a form of punishment, those in jail were caught knowingly breaking the law when it was in effect. It's kind of like if you get pulled over and everyone else is speeding past you, even though it doesn't seem right, you can't rationally be mad since the signs are posted and you were traveling faster than allowed.

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^Of course, you could also be like me and feel like all three purposes are valid. My biggest pet peeve is when people think they are above something or that the rules don't apply to them, but I absolutely hate depriving anyone of their personal liberty if there isn't an accompanying reason that greatly benefits the public at large.

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