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Covington Catholic 81 Perry County Central 75

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This is an excerpt from the CovCath/Boyle game thread of what I said just this morning in my breakdown of the Colonels, and what could be if we saw them play to their full potential:


"Now with 3 seasons of varsity experience, Bo Schuh has hinted at greatness, but the time has come to see him step it up to play with more dominance. Not sure how the transformation from man to monster is to happen, but it sure would make a profound difference if it were to happen."


Wow did Bo Schuh ever turn into that dominant monster that I was hoping he would. I'm sure that he was hoping for it as well. He wasted no time in doing so.


Simply awesome.


Great Job Bo. :thumb:

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Bo's stats:


28 points


8/8 from the field

3/3 from 3

3/4 from the line

6 RB's

7 Assists


Hard to beat any team when they shoot 64% from field and 55% from behind the arc. Oh and 90% from the stripe.


Good bounce back win for the Colonels.


"crazy" numbers, solid all around.

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PCC has Beverly and Tolber but aren't very good outside of those two...


Biggest player is Tobler at 6'2-6'3 but he's built like a D1 linebacker and strong as hell to make up for his lack of size.


I'm honestly a little surprised this one was within 6.

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