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  1. Yeah, I did not see any of the high school's administration or Football Coachs in the videos. I cannot believe they thought that was funny and appropriate. I am sure Coach Smith and company are not thrilled with the outcome of that "Pep Rally."
  2. The statements made in the video does not reflect the feelings of most of the Rebel faithful.
  3. Losing to Kentucky 5 straight years would have to hurt his cause.
  4. Bell County, Corbin, Central are the 3 toughest that I've been to. Playing at Knox Central deep into November was something I remember being tough as well.
  5. Unforunately Walker is just a shell of his old self. All of his injuries and surgeries he has had has taken a huge toll on his game . Just my personal take from seeing him day to day in practice.
  6. I was able to see and meet a lot of people at Quarterback. None of these guys are perfect and great quarterbacks. They just have admirable qualities that helped them win games. Gunner Hoak did not work for UK because he was a Shannon Dawson recruit built for a Shannon Dawson idealistic offense that played for Eddie Gran. He was not a great leader like Stephen or Terry but he had good arm strength. He just did not fit the system. This is not a knock on any player because I enjoyed all moments of being with them but this is my opinions of how the team atmosphere was and what it looked like from watching practice everyday for 5 seasons. Leadership: 1) Stephen Johnson(His Body Frame failed him) 2) Terry Wilson (He Hesitates and the game is too fast for him sometimes) 3) Sawyer Smith (Never played at level of SEC) 4) Patrick Towles (He cared too much of what everyone thought of him and it got to him) 5) Danny Clark (Deep Ball accuracy was non existent) 6) Gunner Hoak (Did not fit Eddie Gran's System) 7) Drew Barker (Could not fully grasp leadership of the locker room) That being said I think Sawyer will be fine. His experience should help. I just hope he has that natural leadership ability that Terry and Stephen have.
  7. Mercer 13 ACS 12 At Half There has been a bunch of botched extra points and a failed 2 point conversion tonight. The 1st Mercer TD was a run from Yulee. The 2nd Mercer TD was a Pass from Drakeford to Dillon Warren.
  8. Working for UK Football the past 4 years allowed me to meet and interact with Jared multiple times. He was one of the most geninue people that you'd ever meet. He was a great story teller and could recite any great UK story and amaze you. He will be greatly missed.
  9. My List: Boyle County Bardstown Elizabethtown Casey County John Hardin Lexington Catholic Marion County Whitley County Russell County Lincoln County Danville GRC Taylor County Mercer County Collins Anderson County Garrard County East Jessamine West Jessamine Southwestern Pulaski County Tates Creek Lafayette Henry Clay Frederick Douglass Dunbar LCA Bryan Station Scott County Madison Central Central Corbin Madison Southern Lynn Camp South Laruel North Laurel Knox Central Warren Central South Warren Highlands Paintsville Cooper Conner Frankfort Western Hills South Oldham Wayne County St X Bourbon County
  10. 19 yard touchdown by Allen puts Lexington Catholic up 30-27
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