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10th Region Pairings and Predictions

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Well I know they had a 14 pt lead on Brossart last night and blew it.They gave PC a good game at their place.They can play some good ball and beat anyone in this tournament.Gold Scott is a Harrison Co type team{you know about them}they are capable of winning a lot of games they just don't finish them all of the time.

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Clark Co. and Scott should be a very interesting game, However, the BB and Montgomery game could be equally interesting. I guess the winner will be who can hold the ball the best!! This will be a total chess match, I'll have to go with the Bobby Fisher of the 10th Bart Rison in this match. Both have struggled at times, yet they have had their moments of glory(which ones I don't know), you might consider the cakewalk through the All A for Brossart.

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Monday 5:00 PM

Clark County



Monday 8:30

Pendleton County



Tuesday 5:00 PM

Bishop Brossart

Montgomery County


Tuesday 8:30 PM

Mason County




Semifinals at 5:00 PM & 8:30 PM



Finals at 7:30 PM

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