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  1. Taylor Co. had a good win over Monroe Co. Can they beat Campbellsville Friday night?
  2. My gosh I guess we are all perfect!! This board should not be used to be mean-spirited to a teenager and to personally harm her and influence how others think and may vote. Have people cut down the language used by a guy like OJ or many of his antics on the court over the years and said he should not be Ohio Mr. Basketball and so forth and so on? Let's be fair here and not pounce all over one of ours who we should give the benefit of the doubt to in a time of distress. I can see taking an adult coach to task, but I can't see using this board to so terribly berate a teenage girl. Maybe I'
  3. Coaching makes a huge difference at the high school level and JD is on of the best!
  4. Woodford has a huge coaching advantage in that district. I say Lucas was probably the difference in this one.
  5. I'm going with the Mountain Lions. I like the way JD's got the boys playing right now. He has lots of big game experience and I believe it's time for him to get little Pineville over the hump. Let's go PHS!
  6. I agree that Matt would represent Kentucky well as Mr. Basketball.
  7. Coach Spurlock is the best coach at Clay Co. since Bobby Keith. Look for good things in the next few years.
  8. If I'm not wrong Franklin Co. has won the 11th region three times. They won it in '67, '80 and I think in '95. Gary Moore had a great program at Franklin Co. He's gotta be the best coach ever over there. I don't even think they have won a district title since he quit let alone the region. His teams played very hard. the mentality there now is very soft.
  9. Great win for Frankfort. Ouch for Franklin County. Two years in a row as #1 seed in the district and no title. This year no regional tournament. Great job Panthers!
  10. sounds like you are just as interested in the coach your kid will have, just as I am sure the parents, you said were interfering wanted. We all just want the best for our kids. I hope you are able to have some input into the coaching selection.
  11. I heard there was a great Slam-Sunk Contest at the KBA last night, anybody witness it?
  12. What's his record? Does he have district championships, a lot of regional tournament appearances? Ever been a boys coach? Is woodford about to hire him?
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