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  1. Not a big difference in the rebounding between WCS(6.5 in 25.8min)and Okafor(8.7 in 30.1min). Neither one are very good on free throws. WCS about 10% better. I couldn't care less if he is on the 1 or 2 team as long as they are winning.
  2. 1. Rupp - hero 2. Hall - solid, but not Rupp 3. Sutton - disaster 1. Pitino - hero 2. Smith - solid, but not Pitino 3. Gillispie - disaster 1. Calipari - hero 2. ? 3. Both of the successors to the heros did win National Championships.
  3. Not a UC fan, but like Mick. God is good!
  4. I agree with GT on the coin flip. I like both coaches, but Izzo is my favorite non UK coach.
  5. It's hard for me to believe that the ACC is not the best basketball conference.
  6. In my opinion what things Ellis did in yesterday's game would have gone unnoticed had it not been for what happened in his first game. I personally saw a player wanting to win, not a thug. Was he playing physical? Yes! I seen nothing dirty in his play. Our Wildcats will only be better for UC's type of play. Go Big Blue!!!!
  7. On Dish Network, they are showing past 2014 tournament games. Channel 158 CBSSN
  8. I don't dislike Lville, and I will root for them when not playing UK. I will admit that I did root for Moorehead State last season when they played the Cards.
  9. I am not a UC fan, but I was rooting for them. I was pretty much against UC when Huggs was there, just didn't care for him. I am really liking Mick and I am glad he is doing go. I never thought much of him one way or the other until the UC/X thing, but I liked the way he handled it. I am now a Mick fan and hope he keeps on progressing. One thing I would like to express is I didn't like the media bringing up the whole UC/X brawl during the game last time. It had nothing to do with OSU and UC. The horse is dead.
  10. Dicky V is not going to say anything bad about Knight. He is all the time lobbing for someone to make him their head coach.
  11. I like this kids decision and I don't like UNC at all. I just wish more of them would stay and not go early. I am just selfish that way because I love College Basketball.
  12. :thumb: Since the NCAA Tournament is a new season and UK & UConn are left wouldn't that make them the #1 from their Conference? :idunno: They all play for one thing, so regular season is a mute point now. Ask the teams who won the BE and SEC regular season title if they would give it up to be where UK and UConn are now.
  13. You know what is even better UK has the opportunity to play, win or lose. :eek::banana:
  14. Knight has fallen on Mississippi. Go Big Blue,
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