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Fairview 52 Ashland 51

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Congrats to Fairview Eagles. Sounded like the game was well played in the first half, but the second half wasn't quite as pretty.


Let's go to Morehead and play some basketball. From this point on, it's win or go home...


All Tournament Team (missed a couple - someone help me):

Cody Black

Dakotah Euton

Drew McDavid

Justin Moore

Antonio Owens

Chad Jackson

Jeremy Bayless

Matt Thomas

Alex Barker


They just announced that the draw for Regional seeding is tomorrow at Morehead.



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Its hard to imagine that after all the years in the 63rd that the Fairview Eagles would be 64th District Champions year one!!!

Its going to be a long year listening to TubbyBall after this one!!!!:creepy: :irked:

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What a great game! Both teams played pretty well, and they both played hard! Ashland just had a hard time keeping Black and Bayless out of the post. Bayless killed Ashland on the boards late in the game. Matt Thomas, Drew McDavid and Robbie Wilcox all played well. Tyler Reliford also hit two big 3's and had a nice drive to give Ashland the lead. We just missed to many easy shots inside in the 3rd quarter. Wilcox and McDavid both had shots for the lead rim out inside the last minute, and Matt Thomas' 3 at the buzzer was right on line, but a little long. Hopefully this will provide us with a little motivation heading to Morehead. Congrats to Rex and Derek Cooksey.

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I forgot to mention one huge play. Ashland had scored 6 straight to take the lead by one I think. Barker comes down hits a 3, and they call McDavid for a hold underneath, so Fairview gets the ball back and Black scores on a jumper. That was a killer trip.......

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What about Matt Thomas?? He took over the game for about a very short time and then the decision makers seemed to forget about him until the biggest shot of the year.


?? Forget about him? No more does Ashland live and die with one player. McDavid and Wilcox carried Ashland in the first half, Thomas and Reliford stepped up in the second half. Thats just how it goes. I dont think the "decision makers" forgot about him. He had scored basically all of his 13 points on the 5 or 6 possessions before "the biggest shot of the year" as you say.

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