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  1. Congratulations to the Rams players and coaches on there great win! The Royals will learn from this and move on.
  2. Hard to imagine that Blair just avg 7pts a game. Bad luck and health for a fine kid.
  3. I was told Coach Floyd was the one who puts the game plan together and all Coach Johnson does is kick back and relax. If you watch at the games Floyd is always hte one who is taking notes.
  4. The region better hope Euton and Jackson dont stick around. They will win at least 3 regions and this years crown is not out of the question
  5. All those listed are great players but they dont come close to matching Jackson's stats. He truely does it all for the Royals. He has to be #1.
  6. I went thru this during my high school career. Worked my butt off but the coached listoned to a bunch of parents so my hard working butt stayed on the bench.
  7. Whats the use of working hard all the time if you cant advance yourself or in his case get his starting job back.
  8. Oh well I guess the Elliott coaching staff knows best. Too bad for the kid he seems like a nice young man.
  9. So he is not good enough to start but is good enough to take the shot that to tie the game. Im not sure I understand the logic in that???
  10. How many can we expect on Sunday? Will the famous Wireman being in the house??
  11. How many did Maynard have today??? Was he on the floor when they needed a three at the end?
  12. I cant believe that someone from the Ashland administration didnt step in and ge the kids under control. I mean the everyone over on Blazer BLVD are so quick to point out that fair play and following the rules are a big part of athletics. I guess there are different rules for different groups. By the way has anyone have any info on old Joe? And does everyone still want a piece of him.
  13. Anyone who wants to see the film can come on out. We will have a showing Sunday afternoon. There will be a $4 addmission.
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