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Top Five Point Guard's In The 16th

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I'd take any of them in any order. Each brings something different to their team and it's pretty much all good.


I would agree, but add that Rose Hill's Jackson has the most potential for success at both the high school level and beyond. Apart from pure basketball skills, speed and agility...which I think are superior as compared to the others on the list...he appears to have not yet reached his full height or muscle mass.

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Jackson is averaging around 12 rebounds a game, let's not be too quick to discount that. Rank them in any order you want but I'll take Chad everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.



That is great. I have based mine on who I have seen play. I will get to see Jackson in Feb, and I am sure he will move up my list. His stats are impressive, and so are some of the others, but hey....I am a rookie.......:p

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