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Hazard vs PCC District matchup

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A big game for the 14th region. I'll take Hazard in a long overdue first round victory vs PCC.

Hazard - 56

PCC - 50



In the last eight 54th District Tournaments:

PCC 7 wins / Hazard 1 win.

PCC / Hazard first round matchups : PCC 4 wins / Hazard 0.

PCC / Hazard championship games : PCC 3 wins / Hazard 1 (@Hazard 1998).


Hazard lost by 2 points to PCC in their only meeting this year @ Hazard.


Hazard came from behind last night to win over the stepped-up JBS squad and PCC came from behind to win over an underrated Powell team a few days ago.


Cantrall says Hazard should win it, MasseyRatings probably would predict a virtual draw and so far BGP'ers have only went 4 or 5 points either way.


History would probably favor PCC but Hazard on their home floor is a factor.


PCC has been more consistent and can play great defense; Hazard can be more explosive on offense- especially Hicks.

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Coach Holland is to much for Hazard and Spurlock PCC by 4

I don't think Coach Holland is going to get out there and stroke any 3's neither is Spurlock. A coach can only do so much. They both will have their teams well prepared but it will come down to who wants it the most and i think that will be Hazard. They are due to win a district game.

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Perry Central is the better team & if they play up to their capabilities they will win the game. They haven't always done so though & this gives Hazard an opportunity. I look for a very close game with the team that scores last coming away with a win. Perry Central by 2.

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I'll take Hazard in a close one 65 - 60. I look for these two teams to really get after each other which will be a plus for Leslie in the finals. Can anyone tell me how the bracket would have been had they seeded. Either way there was going to be two very good teams playing each other in the first round.

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