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Simon Kenton Schedule 2013?


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Word on the street is that Cooper will down next year. Not so sure about that...Morgan is a star. Taking Danville and PuCo off save on the travel budget.

I'm with you, Cooper may be down, but being down from a state runner up happens to a lot of teams the following year. Morgan in my opinion is the best CB in the area hands down. On the offensive side Bricking will be a beast running the ball (over 12 yards a carry avg last year) So it should be intresting and fun to watch.

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Based on number of returning starting players, Dixie would be the toughest.

I'm not saying dixie isn't going to be tough, but you can't just go by who has the most returning players. I see several teams on SK's schedule that can beat them.

Conner, Campbell, Cooper and Dixie. I would put Conner at the top of that list.

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