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  1. 7 - Cincinnati 5 - San Diego 3 - NY Jets 2 - Minnesota 1 - Denver TB Cincinnati
  2. ...or you can go on a good drinking binge! Make the inside of your body so miserable that nothing wants to be in there. Sure you will have a hangover but that usually only last for a day and after that problem solved.
  3. 7 - Kansas City 5 - Minnesota 3 - Miami 2 - Atlanta 1 - Carolina TB - Minnesota
  4. 7 - Cinci 5 - Arizona 3 - Detroit 2 - Jacksonville 1 - Philly TB - Arizona
  5. 7- Arizona 5 - San Diego 3 - Buffalo 2 - Philly 1 - Cinci TB - Arizona
  6. 7 - Cinci 5 - Carolina 3 - Oakland 2 - Dallas 1 - Philly TB Cinci
  7. Do you mind sharing the recipe for crockpot meatloaf? Sounds awesome!
  8. Call it what you want but my point is that Ryle along with every other 6A program in NKY has up and downs. That's just how it is with the large school districts. A indicator of how good a program/coaching staff/administration is how quickly can they rebound.
  9. As much as it pains me to say it(joking) SK has been the most stable team in NKY 6A over the past 5 or 6 years. Ryle, Dixie and CCHS all have had mixed results in that time frame.
  10. Public school's talent comes and goes in cycles. For anyone to say any different is just not true. I haven't had a dog in the fight for several years now but keep up with the times. Ryle is coming out of a cycle where they were down and the Ryle Faithful was jumping off of the ship like sinking rats. Campbell had a decent run ( would have like to seen deeper playoff runs) but is in the midst of trying to find out who they are or trying to be. The only team that has substained a decent run in recent years is SK and even they have had some bumps and bruises. Enjoy your team while they are having a good run. Hopefully it last for several season. Be careful of who you step on in the meantime because the fact still remains that your program will cycle down and the others will catch up.
  11. 7 - NY Jets 5 - Pitt 3 - Denver 2 - Cinci 1 - Minn TB Pitt
  12. 7 Arizona 5 New England 3 Cincinnati 2 Atlanta 1 Green Bay TB Arizona
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