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  1. How is Kelly's Offensive different from say the Patriots when they go hurry up? Granted, the Pats don't go hurry up all the time, but when they do, it is very effective. I believe running more plays is an effective way to attack a defense. Don't give the defense time to read formations, just go straight at them every time. The only problem I see with this offense , is scoring too quickly.
  2. Congratulations! Last time I looked, Indiana States' cash was just as green as Alabama, OSU or even Louisville!
  3. Given the impotence of KHSAA, nothing surprises me anymore.
  4. I believe there has been enough commentary here to come to the conclusion that Mr. Johnson is not living up to athletic and/or academic expectations , and is rejecting disciplinary measures to get him back on coarse. It appears to me that that the mature thing to do is to reconcile with the Holmes staff and accept the discipline forthcoming. Shame on any outside program that does not realize that this is in the kid's best interest and think's only of the impact this kid would have on their team success.
  5. Sorry, the experience was a little to personal to the humor in it.
  6. Nell, as far I know, never attacked her kids personally. Challenge, deliver f-bombs a plenty, yes. Personal attacks, no.
  7. No argument here. Just another example of the behavior that was tolerated in that program.
  8. Perhaps against the elite programs in the state, but not against the majority of competition in this state.
  9. Funny, I have same thought whenever there is a change of possession in a 1A game, and only three kids come off the field!
  10. I can show video of one SK sophomore consistently pancaking his BW opponent. Shall I post it for you?
  11. Lawnboy, be carefull. you are opening up some old wounds that really need to heal. I also can testify to the verbal abuses already mentioned in this thread and elsewhere. I had two nieces transfer out of that program because the situation became intolerable. Verbal abuse was part of this woman's coaching style. In our case, there were multiple meetings with the administration that resulted in NO CHANGE in behavior. In fact, playing time was reduced as a direct consequence of approaching the administration. If someone else was coaching this program, it would of had Jenna Crittenden and Sydney Moss playing at the same time. The list of players that have transferred out of this program in just the last 5 five years were collected, you would have an instant state title contended, and maybe even a national power.
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