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Best jobs in the 10th region.

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A comment made in the PC thread made me think of this topic. What are the best jobs in the 10th region? Obviously Mason County and Clark County will top that list, but what other schools are on that second tier?


Looking at recent success here are teams that have won District Championships, made trips to the Regional semis or finals since realignment in 2006.


Pendleton County: 4 Districts, 3 Regional Semis, 1 Regional Final

Scott: 4 Districts, 4 Regional Semis appearances.

Harrison County: 2 Districts.

Bishop Brossart, 2 Districts, 2 Regional Semis.

Campbell County 1 District, 1 Regional Semi appearance.

Montgomery County: 3 Regional Semis, 1 Regional Final.

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I'm adding Augusta to that list. Yes, the level of success may be less than the teams listed, but the fan base is the most supportive (percentage-wise) in the region and they LOVE Robin and Coach Hinson for what they have accomplished.

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I would say, in no paticular order: fan base/community support, adminstrative support, consistency of talent year in year out, postseason success to name a few.


^ Add facilities, established youth programs, tradition, community resources, etc. and we're well on our way to filling out that list.


Between these two posts, I'd say we find most (if not all) the necessary criteria for the list.


I'd say it's Mason and it's not really close. You could argue it's the best job in the state.


Not a shot at Clark. They've had great runs in the past, and again recently. Biggest difference in the two is facilities. And year in year out, I think Mason gets more talent. Clark is second though.


Montgomery has a lot of reasons to be third, but they play in Clark's district. That spells runner-up a lot, which makes regional runs awfully tough. I'll leave the admin. issues to those closer to the situation than I.


Campbell, Scott, and Brossart all play in the same district. That's really the only detterent for Campbell and Scott, so I'd put them pretty high on the list.


Pendleton County has a lot of things going for it. Biggest issue I see there is the talent seems awfully cyclical.


That's my fly by version.

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^ Good post and all valid points. GRC is building a new high school...to open fall of 2013. The gym is phase III and should be done in a few years from that. Agree that the strength of district does play into regional runs.


Some of the jobs in the 10th are your more "high profile" jobs....but are they the best place to coach? Demands are very high. Being from a small school in high school, there is something special about the small schools and their support.

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Better than Mason Co. and Clark Co? How can I put this... No.


Montgomery Co. is however the most underachieving team in the region the last 15 years.


I was saying this sarcastically...Just wondering what other responsibilities Happy will have other than coaching the boys, I'll bet it's something that doesn't require him to be in a school or office 8 hours a day. Just guessing.

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