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  1. 2009 Boone County (regional runner up) was a pretty good team. 26-5 record, gave state champ Holmes one of its only defeats that year, and lost by only a point or so in the regional championship to them. Actually had a chance to beat them but missed a potential game winning bunny layup with 3 seconds left. Not sure I would put any of Boone's players from that team in "all-time" 9th-region players, but they played great team basketball.
  2. New Cath: Phil Popp from the old days. Went on to be All American at Bellarmine.
  3. Yes, I believe there was an 11-1 Dixie team back before there was a state championship playoff system. In the 80s, there was at "at large" state championship, and the winner of that would play the Louisville champ for the overall state championship. Nonetheless, this has been a great year for Dixie.
  4. Class of 81 and 85 both also won the regional championship. Both lost the next game. A banged up and injured 81 team lost to eventual state champs and nationally ranked Henry Clay who was the first non Louisville school to win state in the big school division. With a win vs Ballard this years Dixie team will have gone further. This Dixie team is very good. I see some similarities in talent. Both teams had similar records with their only regular season loss to Cov Cath. Class of 81 had Pike who played later at Georgia Tech and Derry who went on to play fullback at Uk plus three all staters in Shockey, Popp, and Lemker who also played at San Diego State. ..
  5. Is that the best you can come up with? Something that happened 35 years ago? "Past transgressions make him a suspect" you've got to be kidding.... I bet 99% of the people that comment on Hicks doesn't know anything about what happened in 1979. Hicks just has a good program that draws good players to Scott County. I don't think there would be a coach in the state that would run off any of the players that transferred into Scott Co. Since some people think that Hicks gets jobs at Toyota for the players parents; name the players parents that got these "so-called" jobs.
  6. Nice tournament. The old Kentucky Patriots won the A division 5 or 6 years ago.
  7. Obviously you don't know much about KY high school basketball. The 11th Region is always one of the top two or three regions in the state. Bryan Station Henry Clay Lafayette Tates Creek Paul Dunbar Lexington Catholic Lexington Christian Lexington Sayre Scott Co Woodford Co Franklin Co Frankfort Ind. Western Hills Madison Central Madison Southern Berea Richmond Model Cake walk????
  8. Madison Central was never in the game; Hicks played subs the majority of the 4th quarter. Players 11-15 actually got at least 3 minutes of playing time. Nobody on MC's team could guard Gilbert. He scored at will. With Scott Co's point guard not playing against Henry Clay, it should be a good game.
  9. Not sure about that. After all, Polson got quite a bit of PT at UK this year. Hawkins is a better player, IMO.
  10. I agree with the above post 100%. The 9th region doesn't do very well when they play outside of their region; especially when they play decent teams from other regions. The team representing the 9th last year in the sweet sixteen, was the worst team at the state tournament by far. Let's just face it, the 9th is a football region (excluding Covington Holmes).
  11. That's why you play the JV and don't schedule games with the girls. Watching girls play is similar to watching paint dry.
  12. I'm sure you know this, but for those that don't, D3 does not have any athletic scholarships.
  13. I saw where Treg Setty was transferring to Ohio U. also.
  14. I was saying this sarcastically...Just wondering what other responsibilities Happy will have other than coaching the boys, I'll bet it's something that doesn't require him to be in a school or office 8 hours a day. Just guessing.
  15. Didn't catch that. I was thinking someone just started it. My bad.
  16. Best job in the 10th Region?........Boys Varsity Basketball Coach at Montgomery Co. High School.
  17. Gold Sunrise will not like that someone started a thread without them waiting for her reverse alphabetical listing of schools.
  18. What position other than Boys Varsity Coach will Happy fill, and what position did his wife fill?
  19. I might have been wrong earlier, I just heard that the principal is recommending to the board to hire him, so Happy must really be interested. The only thing that puzzles me is; I wouldn't think that Happy would teach nor be certified to teach so.....is there another position at the district level as an administrator available or may be coming available due to some shifting of responsibilities if some current administrators get promoted out of the county to superintendent jobs? That may be why there will be no decision made till May.
  20. Really not much of a difference any way. If a team is up by 35 points, the JV players on the floor for the winning team are playing JV level players anyway if the other team is bad enough to be down by 35 points. So it just becomes more JV experience. I like the "mercy" rule too. Now if you want to accomodate for comebacks, let the clock start stopping again if the lead falls to 10 points or less. I don't think it's that big a deal, the proposal has the clock stopping when free throws are shot and usually at the near end of every game free throws are already being shot.
  21. Congratulations to the young man! It's good to see him go to a school where he can contribute as a freshman and have a good chance to be an impact player by the time he is a sophomore. Too many kids get caught up with playing at a Div 1 school or at a level too high for their abilities and they end up riding the pine and never contributing or end up quitting the game completely. I have a good feeling he will have an outstanding career at UVAW! Even though it's NAIA, they have basketball scholarship money and if they want you bad enough, he can get all his college paid for.
  22. You don't need a coach with college experience to develop players so they can play at the next level. If a player is good enough, they will play at the next level. The college coaches will find them, either through AAU or High School ball; also, there are so many local, regional, statewide, and national scouts/recruiting services/so-called-experts on prep basketball out there that it guarentees if you're "good enough", you will be identified. You are not going to find many college coaches that would step down to the high school level with a coaching stipend to coach a high school team. Schools have to follow the district payroll and stipend policy. If they pay a boys coach a certain dollar amount they have to pay the same amount to the girls coach. Happy coming back to coach Montgomery Co., no way.
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