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  1. Best start for the Rebels in decades! How many home games left? Can I still get tickets?
  2. Breds have too many weapons, and are very disciplined and well coached. They spank another 6A foe.
  3. Good win for the Colonels. They show again that they are a second half team.
  4. By playing T tough in a scrimmage, Birds fans have to believe that this may be the year to avenge the losing streak to Elder.
  5. Did Louisville Western recently beat Male by a similar margin?
  6. I'm loving HC. Playing up several classes is a tall order where few can succeed. Teams like BW are truely rare.
  7. Sorry to see so much bashing in the posts. Dixie will improve and compete in NKY 6A. You gotta applaud NCC, CCH & HHS for winning big over Dixie. At this stage, each of these three remain unbeaten.
  8. I missed the 1st qtr. HHS certainly went to the air a lot. At the end of the 2nd period, with less than 3 min to go, there were no points scored, yet five possession changes. Bird move quickly down field through the air and then turn in over. Dixie quickly goes three and a pooch punt. Bruns breaks the scoring drought with a nice punt return to start the 3rd, but honestly, I'd rather see him catch the punt on the fly, then have him recover his own fumble, even if he does break it. No question about it, Highlands D is really tough. HHS 2's put on their version of a passing clinic when they entered the game midway thru the 3rd. One thing is clear. The Blue Colonels & Bluebirds are on a collision course.
  9. NewCath will be too much for Campbell. Good luck to both. Hoping for a good game.
  10. Congrats Rebels! You're off to a great start. I don't know the record, but I imagine its been a long time since Grant has lost one to Owen.
  11. I'm pulling for the boys from Covington in yes, an upset.
  12. Birds come into this one with two weeks rest. Dixie puts up 35 in loss to CCH.
  13. Congrats Indians, you're movin up the food chain.
  14. Bracken unloads on Knott. I'm sure that felt good for the P-Bears.
  15. Congrats Boone. You gotta love the move of Schwartz to QB his senior year.
  16. Scoreless first half for SK and single-A power BW is getting loose.
  17. Great win for the Blue Colonels. Can the Birds get a 3 score win over Dixie?
  18. Tough way to go down, but at least they were in it.
  19. So far, T's toughest "game" was their scrimmage with the Birds.
  20. Does anyone have anything to share about the game?
  21. This ranking probabaly has 'em right. I might go as far as to call it a tie foe #2 between BC & CovCath.
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