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  1. Congrats to CovCath & first year coach R. on fine season. Sorry you come up just short in a shoot-out. Thanks for bringing your brand of football to Northern Ky. When the water level rises, all the best teams seek yet higher ground.
  2. Hey Highlands Guy, wonder if you get any "thanks for stating the obvious"?
  3. When it comes to school spirit, CovCath should be acknowledged and congratulated for definitely being at the top of the heap. There are times, however, when things go a little overboard. Last year, during warm-ups for the 9 to 0 game, the visiting student cheering section singled-out an important player on the home team and made their message clear. Calling him by first & last name: "Hey M. M. you ____, ____ you you you you" Probably about 40 to 50 participants, with fingers pointing and oscillating toward the player,as if their arms were connected to a common actuator. Now teen boys will be teen boys and similar things happen at many schools. Some are just so much more organized. Last month at the regional soccer final, a different member of the host school's football team got the razzin': "B.G. you ____, B.G. you ____" to a staccato beat. It could be heard loud and clear from in front of the VA hospital, 200 yard away. IMHO, calling an opponent by name and taunting with foul langage is over the line. If we are going to sing the praises, then let's acknowledge the opportunities. This is for parents, administrators and mentors to address everywhere. Now the GCL is known for great school spirit also. A few years back when big mo came to town, they hadn't the familiarity with our players to get on a personal level, so their cheering section simply generalized with the clever chant: "inbred, inbred, inbred". Am I naive to think it was directed at the home team only, or was it meant for all residents south of the Ohio River? The boy at the purple nation, however, may have been exposed to the right kind of leadership. At last year's encounter at PBS there was plenty of spirited support for the athletes and pride for the school - but vugarity free. During the late moments of a sound whuppin' they even offered kind advise to those wearing blue: "drive home safely, drive home safely".
  4. Clearly, with all of the input on this and prior threads - the system is broke. I think Sandman is on to something. Differences in enrollment need greater consideration - it is the basis for the disparity; where having equal numbers of teams in each division is an arbitrary quest. Seams to me, a state with as few teams as Ky could crown champions before December. Having districts where fewer than half of a team's games count for anything other than experience is indicative of a broken system. Larger districts where nearly every game counts, and fewer rounds of playoffs - with little chance of a rematch - say outside of the finals, might be worth a try. :confused:
  5. Lots of spirited banter on the thread. Looks like the region has the two best match-ups going this week. As a soph & jr, Chase C would regularly pull down the pig and burn opponents for fifty yards on the ground. This weapon has hardly been utilized in the 05 campaign. Maybe this is the week when Dale gives Chase the green light to really mix it up. :sssh:
  6. A good Franklin team may well have knocked-off Highlands three weeks ago. But the Bluebirds have improved soooooo much in their last two outings. Timing is everything. While I expect FC to throw the whole bag of tricks at Highlands, I don't see a team not ranked among the top ten advancing in this round.
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