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  1. This year's bunch from Ft.Thomas are so explosive offensively. They have scored greater than 50 by half time several times. Unfortunately, even though its the play-offs, the high margin of point will continue. Coach Mueller has stated that his team is committed to not scoring a 100, but I agree, they have the ability to have done so on several occasions and this will be no different.
  2. I think OC will take care of business with Newport traveling. If this is a close game however, it will show that concerns about Owen's schedule are legit. I'm pulling for the Rebels, but after round one, the sledding is gonna get a lot tougher. Good luck to both teams. Represent your schools and communities well.
  3. Just a few questions about LHC. Was the school once named Bishop David? If so, why the change - merger of all-boy & all-girl schools? What part of the city is HC located? N, E, S, W? Thanks
  4. Great job Cooper Jaguars! Congrats to coach Borchers. Can anyone please outline coach B's former coaching positions?
  5. Congrats Rebs! Good luck against Newport. They will be tougher than most of your opponents this year.
  6. I knew St. X would win. I'm happy to see they are Tigers.
  7. Great job Tigers. You have momentum going into the playoffs.
  8. What is being posted here is sad for a once proud Holmes Bulldog program. I hope they can get serious and turn things around. Congrats to HC, way to bounce back after a loss.
  9. Very suprising. The last team to beat the Birds is coming to Ft.Thomas in just four days, yet many experts are quiet on this one. Significant injuries play a huge roll, no doubt. If both were coming in undefeated, this thread would be on page three by now. IMO, this one is over by halftime.
  10. Typical season for NKY 6A. Everyone beats Everyone. Congrats Boone! Camels, once again, need to get back to fundamentals.
  11. Congrat Rebs! Who stands between Owen and a perfect 10 - 0 for the regular season?
  12. Wow, since 1966 is a long time for no NKY team to win at the PIT. Cov Cath didn't even have a football team in '66. This season, Elder has lost all of its home games. Playing against that enormous offensive line will have the Birds ready for a rematch with the Colonels.
  13. A most gratifying win for Highlands. First drive in classic form, long completion and PT scores with his feet. He took a serious hit, and I sure hope he is OK. Two "spots" by the officials assisted Elder greatly as they picked-up momentum scoring 17 unanswered. One spot on 4th and short kept the Panther's 1st drive alive. Latter in the red zone, a loss at the 15 was nulified and spotted at the 11? These were amazing. Back-up QB D. McCoy showed tremdous poise and ability. As in each of their past meetings, HHS lead at the half. And HHS D would not give up a TD in the 2nd half. Elder's D kept the Panthers in it, but steady play by the Birds on both sides of the ball during 2nd half was the difference. Both teams gave their all. Local media mentioned that Elder played without key players that had been suspended. Highland's defensive speed and hitting was tremdous. Offensively, Highlands mixed-up the play calling well and they pushed Elder around the Pit.
  14. This should be a heck of a football game. Too close to call. I'm pulling for both of them.
  15. Thanks, ATLCat, for the best-ever contribution to this site. This is what HS Football is all about. Congrats to Coach Haywood.
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