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  1. Lloyd holds on to the ball this week and get the win. Hang-in-there Devils.
  2. Sounds like a couple of SK players may have sustained serious injuries. I hope they pull thru OK.
  3. I'm hanging-in-there for the Camels to improve. It is noteworthy, however, that Campbell County is the largest high school in Norhern Kentucky, and outside of wrestling, they do not make much noise in sports.
  4. The Tigers go to 2 - 0. Newport continues to play hard and develope.
  5. Greased Pig! I didn't think I was at the County Fair!
  6. I agree with Flots & JW, The school is buiding a new stadium and they have a proven, youthful coach. Give 'em a year or so, they'll be back.
  7. This could be a great game. I'm thinking its decided by 10 or less, with a slight nod toward the Indians.
  8. Once again, BW buries a 6A opponent. So, why the double header?
  9. I've got to agree with JM33, Patrick is showing a pretty good likeness of the pose.
  10. Great start for the Rebels. How did Kamron S to in his first start at QB?
  11. I'm sure Covington Catholic's dominating performance over Campbell County will be the topic of conversation at Highlands today.:ohbrother Being that CCH is the single most important game on HHS schedule every year, we agree.
  12. Congrats Bellevue Tigers on a season opening shut-out. WV will contiue to develop on the season and as a program. Good luck to each team in the weeks ahead.
  13. Yes it does, and its about time. Its likely that the first meeting will set the stage for the ultimate build-up to the second meeting. Its going to be a great season in 4A!
  14. Wow, Wow, Wow. the Jugs may have paid too much attention to all of the posts predicting their dominance. I'm happy for the OC Rebels. Hopefully, they can build on this win over an athletic opponent and have a successful season.
  15. Congrats Breds on a fine win. Its hard to imagine that the absence of one D1 QB mattered very much given the final score. Coach Tom is well regarded at DH due to his top notch character and his interest in the young men's lives beyond football. Dixie will sort this out and they will be competative against 6A opponents. If your an opponent of NCC, good luck.
  16. Welcome to your new positon coach Lickert. The Colonels must be pretty tough to dominate so. The Camels have nowhere to go but up. The Birds better take note of this week 1 performance by CCH.
  17. Enough already on fan evaluation. How about the game? Is the HHS o-line ready to go? Does Boyle's D match-up similarly to T's? (I hope not) Can HHS offense get on track. How about HHS kicking game? Will HHS D be able to slow down Boyle? I can't wait for this opener between the class of the the new class 4A! Thanks!
  18. Congrats Breds. This is an enormous year for NCC with football & B-ball wins over the Colonels.
  19. The notion that KY is a basketball state really is based on UK being a basketball university in a state with no pro sport. Serious bball development these days occurs in AAU & club teams, just like soccer & v-ball. Some schools still maintain strong HS bball traditions and they will continue to do so. Indiana is light years ahead of Ky in youth / HS bball because of highly developed AAU & club leagues. HS will remain the bastion for prep football because other avenues simply are not practical.
  20. Awsome thread. The Catholic Grades School League in Campbell County is fabulous. Hence, NCC, BB & old St.T have had great basket ball as a result. A few years ago, I was involved in something referred to as the Ft.T recreational BB league. It was fun, but pretty weak. The school district needs to address a feeder program in the grade schools if they want to turn the situation around. There is a model to observe, if anyone has any questions.
  21. To finish football finals prior to December, in no way puts either sport in the front or rear seat. When the season starts in August, four months is enough time to determine the champ. December weather is too dicey. jmo
  22. Understood, but I think the finals established that several participants are (no offense - they all deserved their spot) back in the pack.
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